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S Player is a professional Fast All format video player, best for online streaming and downloading video for free.
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Android 7.0+
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S Player – Professional Fast All format video player, best for online streaming and downloading video for free.

We are living in a digital era and video content has become an integral part of our lives. One way or the other, we rely on video content in our daily life. From entertainment to education, instructions to user guides we use video content every day.

To watch these videos seamlessly, smoothly, and without any format errors, we need an excellent video player. Not all video player supports every format and many player comes with limited feature, which will not give a smooth and reliable experience.

Thus if you are looking for a video player which supports all video formats, helps you to download the video to play offline, watches video seamlessly, and gives a friendly user experience plus a lot of the best features, then you are at the right place. Because S Player is the video player you are looking for with all these features.

Read the detailed article to know about SPlayer, its features, user guide, and many more.

What is S Player?

S Player is a market-dominating, professional, and very reliable Multi Video Player. It is a free multi-video Player for Android, PC, iPhones, and IOS Systems. It is very user-friendly and easy to use and the best multi-video player available for free download.

S Player for Android is a very powerful and all-format player for Android. This means that this free multi-video player supports all video formats available and you can play videos in any resolution. In addition,  this SPlayer provides you the option to play and download the video at a time. Thus you can download the video in the background while watching it.

SPlayer is not only a video player but also a media hub where you can manage your media files using the built management tools, arrange and play recently downloaded videos, and play videos from your phone while downloading other videos it also provides a password-protected private folder as well.

Thus it is the best choice for all video lovers who want seamless video streaming and an unlimited downloading experience. Thus Download and enhance your video experience.

Read the article further to get an inside into the main features of SPlayer Latest version and how to use it.

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Features of S Player

S Player APK comes with all the features you need for a smooth viewing experience and downloading of your favorite videos. In this Video Player, you will get some amazing features that will support all video formats, URL Streaming, file management, private folder, PIP mode, unlimited download speed, speed adjustments, and many more. Thus download the S Player Latest Version and enjoy all these features.

Read more about the features in detail below.

S Player Supports all Video Formats

S Player APK is a multi-video player app for Android. It supports a wide range of video formats. Thus this multi-video player allows you to watch your favorite videos in any format without conversion. The latest S Player will also support the best quality for all format videos and you will be in full control of the content of the video.

Thus enjoy watching, streaming, and downloading videos of all formats with this best multi-video and all-format video player. Get SPlayer APK for Android and enjoy free download and streaming of all your favorite videos.

Support a Variety of Subtitles

Apart from supporting all video formats, SPlayer also supports a wide range of subtitles as well. Thus you will not be facing any problems while running any subtitle.

It can support subtitles like DVD, DVB, (.ssa / .ass) with full styling, SAMI (.smi) with ruby ​​tag support, SubRip (.srt) / MicroDVD .txt), Teletext / PJS (.pjs),  WebVTT (.vtt), VobSub (.sub / .idx), SubViewer2.0 (.sub),  MPL2 (.mpl / .txt),  TMPlayer

S Player

Thus you have a wide variety of subtitles supported by this all-format player for Android, so enjoy seamless videos with a wide range of subtitles.

Subtitle Settings & Subtitles Download

S Player not only supports multiple subtitles but it also lets you configure your subtitles. You can change the color of the subtitles, and adjust the size and position as you wish. Thu you can set the subtitle according to your ease and comfort. Thus you can modify the appearance and the speed of the subtitle as you wish, you can also choose to import subtitles into the video from your local storage or from an URL.

URL Streaming with S Player

In this Player, you will have the option to paste your favorite video URL and stream the video online. You can watch the video without downloading it as well.

S Player Supports Hand Gesture Control

In a conventional video player, you will have touch and control the player functions, but this multi and all format video player gives you an option to control the player using your gestures only. This is an interesting, cool, and innovative solution this player is offering you as well.

PIP Mode (Picture in Picture) Mode

On conventional video players, there was no option for multitasking. To perform another task we had to pause our video but S Player has the amazing feature of PIP (Picture in Picture) mode which allows you to watch your favorite videos while simultaneously doing another task.

Thus this feature helps you to watch your favorite videos while performing other tasks.

Playback Speed Control

This amazing feature of this multi-video player App will help you to control the playback speed of your video up to 2.8x. Thus you can adjust the playback speed of your video according to your need and comfort.

Media Management

Using the media management feature you can sort the downloaded videos and media by name, file name, date, or randomly so that you can easily access and find the videos and media you need.

Adjust Volume, and Brightness with a Simple Operation

To get the best viewing and watch experience, SPlayer is providing the feature audio booster and brightness booster with very simple operations so that you can adjust the volume and brightness according to your need and comfort and have the best experience.

Watch Downloaded Videos Offline

With this amazing feature, you can play all the videos on your phone without spending data. Thus download your favorite video and play them whenever you like in an offline mood without worrying about the internet connection.  This all-format video player for Android will also remember the last played track and position for each folder, making it easy for you to keep track and find the last video you watched.

Support for Favorites and Playlists

This multi-video player supports choosing your favorites and making a playlist so that your media is managed and arranged in a proper manner. It also supports shuffle and repeat features thus you can use them whenever you need.

Use Private Folder to Secure Your Private Videos

Today data privacy is paramount, especially in personal videos. Keep in mind this concern S Player provides the Private Folder Feature. This helps you to safeguard your private videos using the password-protected folder in this app. This feature ensures that only you can access your private video.

Free HD Video Player

Live Torrent Streaming: Stream without Downloading

One of the most impressive features of this all-format video player is its Live Torrent Streaming capability. This feature helps you to stream any torrent video directly on the S Player APK without downloading the entire torrent file. Thus with this feature, you can enjoy torrent videos quickly and save your storage and time.

Unlimited Download Speed

The Unlimited download speed of S Player APK makes it unique. This feature helps you to download videos with unlimited speed and save time, unlike the conventional player which takes forever to download a single video. Apart from that you can choose a specific file to download if there are several files in the torrent.

Thus enjoy the unlimited downloading speed with the Multi Video Player for Android.

Support Casting to TV via Chromecast for MP4 Torrent

This amazing feature helps you to cast the videos on TV via Chromecast for MP4 torrents and enjoy the video fully.

This download S Plyer for your Android and enjoy these amazing features, these amazing features will help you watch and download your favorite videos easily.

User’s Guide

This all-format video player from Android is very simple to use. First free download S Player and install it on your Android. After that when you open the application you will find a very simple interface. When You open the App in the interface of the App, you will find a videos option, a folder option, and a down arrow icon for downloading the videos.

In the videos option, you will find all the videos on your device, you can choose and video to pay for and watch it. In the folder option, you will find all the folders in your device, you can open any folder and select any media file to play and watch. Lastly, there is a download icon, you can use this icon to download any video.

To download any video you have to click the download icon. After you click the icon you will get an empty box, paste the URL of the video you want to download and click the download button, and the video will start downloading.

How to Download and Install S Player

SPlayer is an amazing all-format multi-video player for Android, PC, IOS, and iPhones. We are providing S Player APK files for Android phones. You will find the S Player New Version for free download. To proceed with S Plyer download and installation follow the simple steps below.

  • Click the Download Now button to start S Player Download for free
  • Wait for the APK file to download.
  • Once the download is complete, click the downloaded file to proceed with the installation process.
  • Allow any permissions to S Player APK request.
  • Once the S Player latest version is installed you can open the application and enjoy your favorite videos.

Follow the step and download the S Player APK latest version for Android devices and enjoy unlimited downloading and watch your favorite videos in all formats without ads.

Permissions Required By SPlayer APK

Internet Access for S Player

Internet Access is required for this App to stream URLs and download videos

Permission to Write External Storage

Access is required to external storage so that the App can read and write files.

Avoid Interruption

During downloading videos avoid interruption to improve the download features.

Access Wifi State

Access is required to obtain users’ IPs for Local Video Casting.

More Features

Latest Version1.2.8
Required AndroidAndroid 7.0+
CategoryFree Video Player
Developed ByEntertainvideo


S Player APK is a Free HD Multi Video Player for All format video on Android, which will help you to watch, stream, and download unlimited videos to your device. You can use this S Player All video Player APK for free and enjoy seamless videos without ads. Apart from this you can manage the media files, adjust the speed and brightness of videos, adjust the subtitles, and many more.

Thus Download SPlayer now for free using the Download Now Button.


How do I download Videos from SPlayer?

Use the down arrow icon on the Apps interface and place the URL of the video in the box. Click download to start downloading.

Is the SPlayer Safe?

SPlayer is safe to use, you can use the Private folders protected by a password to keep your videos safe.

Is SPlayer Available for PC?

Yes, You can download SPlayer for your PCs as well.


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How to install the APK?

  • Download the APK file using the download button
  • Tap the downloaded APK file
  • Click Install
  • Follow the steps on the screen