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Trader Life Simulator – The best business simulator game for Android mobiles. Set up and keep your supermarket running and develop your business.

Simulator Games always remain a sensation and one of the best games to play. Most gamers love to play simulation games because many of these games present real-life challenges in the game. These games not only give you the best game experience but also enhance your skills of critical thinking and reasoning. In addition, by playing simulation games, you learn about how to handle different situations in a better way.

If you are looking for a game that will challenge your skills as well as improve them. In addition, offers the best features, high-quality graphics sound effects, challenging missions, and unlimited rewards, then you are in the right place. Here we present Trader Life Simulator the best business simulator game for your Android mobile, which you can download for free.

Like the Indian Car Simulator, this game also comes with exciting gameplay and will give you the best gaming experience and many interesting features as well.

Thus keep reading to get all the inside about this game and Trader Lifer Simulator free download guidance.

What is Trader Life Simulator?

Trader Life Simulator is one of the best simulator games for Android users which can be downloaded on any Android device for free. This game provides an opportunity for the player to experience the life of a trader. There are a lot of fun and exciting things to do in this game, which will give you an amazing game experience.

In this Trader Life Simulator APK, you will own an empty supermarket. Your responsibility in this game is to transform this empty store into a successful business and keep the supermarket well-stocked all the time in the game. Thus in this game, you have to manage a lot of things related to the supermarket, like choosing the best goods and products for the supermarket, purchasing the goods, shelving them, finding new and profitable suppliers, and interacting with the banks related to financial issues as well. In addition, you will have to arrange your own house in the game as well.

Trader Simulator

Apart from the management of the supermarket and your home in the game, you will also have to develop good relationships with others in this game. You also have to formulate some trade agreements so that you can form a pipeline track for your business and get a lot of benefits.

This game is not only about buying and selling goods but the Trader Life Simulator will allow you to experience the journey of how successful supermarkets empires are built from scratch. You will go through all the steps from initial store layouts and store setup to the purchase of vehicles and equipment. You will be in control of your business as well as getting credits and paying taxes.

This Trader Life Simulator Game is not only a game but it will also help you to understand some important things about real-life business as well. The daily price fluctuations in the game will help you to understand the phenomenon and make informed decisions in your real life as well.

In addition to that, this game has a variety of products and goods that you can purchase and sell as well. The game also includes some realistic character needs which will give an amazing experience in the game.

Thus we can say that this game is a gift for all simulator game lovers, particularly for trader simulator game lovers. Enjoy the Trader Life Simulator download it now on your Android phone and have fun.

Main Features of Trader Life Simulator

There are some amazing features in this game that make this game stand out from other games. Thus to get an amazing game experience of a trader’s life download the Trader Life Simulator and set up your own business in the game.

We have discussed some of the best game features which will be of great interest to you. Keep reading to get all the inside into this game.

Variety of Stores and Products

This game offers you a variety of products to buy and sell. You will have more than 100 different products that you can buy from various stores in the game and stock up in your supermarket. Thus to put more and more stock in your supermarket and to make your business successful. You have to buy and sell more products and get involved with other stores as well.

Diverse Income Options

To get an amazing experience and to earn unlimited money in Trader Life Simulator download APK for free on your Android. This game offers a lot of options to you to earn more income in this game. You can earn money from buying and selling products and there are various other sources of income as well. There are many companies and other interesting places where you can work and earn unlimited money apart from managing your shop. Thus you have multiple income sources in this game.

Drive Trucks and Various Vehicles

To transport your products and goods you have the option to drive different vehicles in this game. You can drive cars and trucks in the Trader Life Simulator game to transport your goods from one place to another.

Customize Your Shop and House

In this game, you can customize your shop and your house as you wish. You use different furniture for your shop and home and can even have a TV installed to watch videos on the internet in the game.

Expand Your Business in Trader Life Simulator

Starting from an empty store you have to develop a successful business in this game. Thus you can expand your business from buying and selling simple items and products to buying and selling vehicles, food, drink, oil, electronics, and many more items.

You can also buy a farm and raise animals and sell them as well. Thus to enjoy this dynamic game go for the Trader Life Simulator APK download and get a unique game experience.

Make a Beautiful Virtual Life in Trader Life Simulator

You can make a beautiful virtual life in the game by customizing everything in the game. Customize your house by adding your favorite furniture and many more items to your house. You can also buy cars and other items of your choice as well.

customize house

Best Graphics and Sound Effects

You will find some best and most realistic graphics and the best sound effects in this game. Thus you will never get bored in this game. Get Trader Life Simulator Free download on your Android mobile and enjoy these stunning graphics now.

Various Crises and Challenges

The challenges and crises in this game make this game more interesting. You have to keep the business running in this game and keep your character in good health to move forward in the game. Thus you will face many challenges like money problems, your character health issues, stock availability, and many more.

These challenges not only make the game interesting but also make you able to make more informed decisions in your real life as well. Thus these can be helpful for you as well. In addition, by clearing and surviving these challenges you can get unlimited money and rewards In the game as well.

Survival Aspects of the Character

To give a realistic touch to the game the developer included survival aspects to the character in the game. Your character in the game has hunger, tiredness, dirtiness, and many more aspects. In addition, your game character can get sick as well. Thus you have to manage his food, shower, and all other aspects to keep him healthy so that you can succeed in the game.

Economy System in Trader Life Simulator Game

Trader Life Simulator APK has a special economy system in the game. You will have to take care of your budget and spend money wisely to make your business successful. You have to keep your supermarket well stocked and also make a beautiful life for your character in the game as well.

Dynamic Prices System in Trader Life Simulator Game

You will find different prices of different products and items in different stores in the game. Therefore you have to search for the best and profitable prices for you to buy and sell products. You have to think more economically in this game to complete all the challenges and move forward in the game.

Available Free for Android Phone

Trader Life Simulator APK download is now made easy for you on this website. You can now have Trader Life Simulator APK on your mobile for free in just one click. In addition, you can enjoy all the great features of this game for free now.

How to Download Trader Life Simulator?

If you want to play this amazing game now then you don’t have to worry about Trader Life Simulator APK download because we are providing Trader Lifer Simulator free download APK file for you. Thus to download the latest version of this game you have to follow the following simple steps.

  • Download the APK file by clicking on the DOWNLOAD NOW button above.
  • Wait for the latest version of this game to download completely.
  • Do not interrupt in between.
  • Give permission to any request during downloading.
  • Once the Trader Life Simulator APK download is complete, you can now install the game to have fun playing the game.

You can also download the Farming Simulator 22 APK, if you like to play the role of a farmer, now about different crops and different farming tools and equipment.

How to Install Trader Life Simulator?

To install this game on your Android phone, you first have to download Trader Life Simulator on your device. You can download the latest version of this game by following the above simple steps. Trader Lifer Simulator game can be installed by following these simple steps.

  • Click the Downloaded Latest APK file of this game.
  • Wait for the installation to complete and do not interrupt in between the installation.
  • Agree to any terms and conditions of the game and give permission required by the game.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can enjoy the game.

More Features

Latest Version2.0.17
CategoryFree Simulation Game
Required AndroidAndroid 5.1+
Size224.3 MB


Trader Life Simulator is one of the best simulator games with a lot of fun and interesting challenges. In this game you will own an empty store, you have to build a successful business out of it. You will be managing your store, and its stocks, buying and selling different products. Managing and customizing your house, taking care of your character, and many more interesting things to do.

Thus to enjoy this amazing game for free you need to go for the Trader Life Simulator download and get the latest version of this game for your Android phone right now.


What are the Trader Lifer Simulator System requirements?

You will need to have 418.99MB to install this game into your Android Phone.

Is Trader Life Simulator Game offline?

Yes. You can play this game offline as well.

Is Trader Life Simulator free?

You can download this game for free from our website.


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