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liv. 1.4
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liv. 1.4
Android 7.0+
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App Description

Cangkulan ZingPlay Card Capsa – The best Realistic and very simple Card game to play in leisure time with friends, family, and others.

Are you looking for a simple, easy, and realistic card game that you can play in your leisure time with your family, and dearest friends, or challenge other players online, then look no further than the Cangkulan ZingPlay Card Capsa. Cangkulan is a free Android card game that you can download and install on your Android mobile. This game comes with many exciting game features that will help you beat your boredom and become fresh.

Cangkulan ZingPlay APK

Make your leisure time entertaining and connect with your beloved friends and family members through this game right now. Explore all the information about this amazing card game and learn how to play, download, and install this game on your Android mobile for free in this article.


App Specification and Playing Device Requirements

Application NameCangkulan ZingPlay Card Capsa
Latest Versionliv. 1.4
Required Operating SystemAndroid
Requires AndroidAndroid 7.0+
Size201 MB
CategorySimulated Gambling
Developed ByVNG ZingPlay Studio
Published ByRoidPlay


Cangkulan ZingPlay Card Games Features

This card game is very easy and simple to play, thanks to the famous Changkulan rules it follows. Anyone can play these games irrespective of their age. The unique features of the games make it the favorite of everyone. We will discuss all these amazing features of this game in detail below, so keep reading to get all the information about these features.

Free to Download and Install

Cangkulan ZingPlay is a free Android card game. This card game can be downloaded and installed on the supporting Android devices for free. The Free Cangkulan ZingPlay APK file is available on our website for you. So you can download and install this amazing card game on your Android mobile right now.

Easy and Simple to Play

This card game features the famous Chankulan rules, which makes the game very simple and easy to play. Thus even a 4-year old child can also play this game with ease.

Play With Friends and Family

Cangkulan ZingPlay Card Capsa enables you to create your own table in the game, making it easy for you to play with your dearest friends and family members. You can create your own table and invite your friends through WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, and other social media websites to join you for the game. Thus create your own table and invite your friends and family to join and have an amazing time playing the Chagkulan Zingplay card game in your leisure time.

Interact and Chat with Other Players

The amazing feature of Interacting and chatting with other players in this game makes the game more exciting and full of fun. This App offers a variety of icons, emoticons, voice lines, and many animations to interact with other players, friends, and family members. Use these icons and interacting materials to make your game more exciting and entertaining.

Daily Free Bonus Gifts

This game offers free bonuses and daily gifts for you in the game. Thus you can earn up to 100K free gold daily bonuses by playing a variety of mini-games in the app. Thus play to earn unlimited in-game bonuses right now.

Variety of Popular Indonesian Card Games to Play in One App

Cangkulan ZingPlay offers a wide variety of famous Indonesian card games to play as well. Thus you can play most of the popular Indonesian card games in this single App. You can some famous games like, Capsa Susan, Capsa Banting, Domino Qiuqiu, Domino Gaple, and many more.

Responsive Game Controls

This game comes with very simple yet very responsive game controls. Players of any age group can easily play this game with any difficulty and hurdle. Even a 4-year-old child can play this game due to its simple and responsive controls.

Best Games for Leisure Time

Cangkulan ZingPlay Card Game is one of the best games you can choose to play in your leisure time and have quality time playing with friends and family.


Future Updates Coming Soon

Some amazing game features are coming soon, adding more excitement and fun to the game. These new magic modes will boost your overall functionality and strategy in the game. Many new functionality items like Card Swaps and Peep Eye are going to be added to the game.


How to Play Cangkulan ZingPlay?

This is a simple and exciting card game for all card game lover and for those who are looking for an exciting game to play in their leisure time. You can download and install this game to enjoy the amazing card game right now. There are some simple rules to play this game and we have stated those below.

  • Four players mostly play this game but it can be played by four to seven players as well.
  • Each player in the game is dealt with 7 cards to play.
  • All the players must play the same suit card as the first card played in the game. The player will win the turn who has the highest cards and starts the next turn of the game.
  • If any player does not have a card that matches the suit, he will draw a card from the stockpile until he finds a card with the same suit.
  • The game will go on like that until no cards remain in the hand.
  • The player who finishes his cards and has no cards in hand will be the winner of the game.

Explore more about the game and enjoy your leisure time and have fun with your friends and family, download the Cangkulan Zingplay Cards game on your Android mobile right now.


How to Download and Install Cangkulan – Card Game

To download and install this Amazing card game on your Android mobile follow the following simple steps below.

  • Click on the Download Now Button above to start the Cangkulan Zingplay card game APK download.
  • Once the download starts, do not interrupt in between and let the download complete.
  • Once the APK file is downloaded completely, click the APK file of the game to start the installation process.
  • Do not interrupt the installation in between and let the installation process complete.
  • Give any systems permissions and agree to any agreements by the App that may be required for the installation process.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the App and enjoy playing some amazing card games with your friends and family.

You can also find, download, and install some other amazing card games like Teen Patti Joy APK and Teen Patti King APK for your Android mobile and enjoy your leisure.


Device Requirements

  • A stable internet connection is required.
  • Android 4.0.3 or higher system is required.
  • 22 MB if size is required.



Cangkulan ZingPlay Card Capsa is an amazing card game for all card game lovers around the world. This is a simple and easy-to-play game that you can download and install on your Android mobile for free right now. This game has some amazing features that will enable you to play a variety of card games with your friends and family members. It also enables you to interact and chat with other players as well.

Thus if you are looking for an amazing card game that you can play easily in your leisure time with your friends and family members then download the Cangkulan ZingPlay cards game on your Android right now.

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How to install the APK?

  • Download the APK file using the download button
  • Tap the downloaded APK file
  • Click Install
  • Follow the steps on the screen