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The Emergency HQ APK is a unique game based on The duty and services of the rescuers which you can download and install on your Android mobile for free.
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Android 5.1 +
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The Emergency HQ APK is a unique game based on The duty and services of the rescuers. Every country in the world has an emergency Headquarters which is there in every emergency situation in that country. They are the ones who will be on the front line to rescue and save the lives of people in any emergency situation. That is why Emergency Headquarters is considered a very important and noble profession in every country. If you have a dream to become one of the heroes or you love those heroes and want to experience their job in saving lives, then you will enjoy this emergency HQ APK game.

This game will give you a chance to play the role of a rescuer and save the lives of people in different disasters. You will give the injured people first aid before shifting them to a safe place and hospital where they can heal.  As you are on your way to saving the life of people you will face many challenges and problems during the rescue mission, but you have to fulfill all the challenges to save the people and complete the mission.

If you are interested in playing the role of the rescuer and saving people’s lives, then, we will recommend you download the latest version of the Emergency HQ APK game and enjoy the adventure and enjoy the game. Plus read the article further to get inside into how to play the game and be a successful rescuer.


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Game Features

Required android  Android 5.1 +
Available on RoidPlay
Category  Strategy Game

What is the Emergency HQ APK game?

This is a strategy and rescue game in which you have to plan your rescue mission and execute your plan in a perfect way to save and rescue people from different disasters. Thus, You will be playing this game as a rescuer to take certain actions to save the lives of as many people as you can, which are stuck in a disaster and need your help to come out of it.

Emergency HQ APK free for Android


In this game, there are various disasters and people stuck in each situation. You will be part of the rescue team in various missions. Your job in this game on each mission will be to rescue the people stuck in the situation shift them to a safe place and provide medication for their recovery.

Thus in simple words, you have to save people’s lives to win the game. You can download the APK file of this game, install it on your Android phone, and enjoy the game playing a noble role in the game.

This is the game of your dream role firefighter, the very new simulator game for emergency series for the community- download the emergency HQ APK game now.

What Services are Included in the Emergency HQ APK?

This is a strategic and rescue simulation APK game. In this game, you will play your role as a firefighter, perform in emergency units, be a policeman, SWAT, and provide hospital and technical services whenever needed. You will also perform the role of head of operations for rescue missions, and crime situations, manage medical and catastrophe situations, and command and dispatch vehicles for different missions and personnel.

Different rescue departments in the game


In the Emergency HQ APK game, the services depend upon the situation and the disaster where you have to perform your duties. Sometimes you have to be part of a police team and sometimes you will be a team player on a firefighter team. Let’s take an example of a situation where a fire broke out. In this condition, your headquarters will conform from the files department and if there is any hijacking situation then you will be part of a police team and rescue the effective people.

How to Earn Money in Emergency HQ APK?

This game has various missions and in each mission, you will have to perform various roles to save the lives of people. You will have to play different roles but the ultimate goal of playing the game is to save as many lives as you can from the disaster. The more lives you will be able to save the more regard you will get in the game.

When you save lives you will collect more money and use this reward money to purchase more resources for your emergency department. Thus try to save more lives and collect more resources for your emergency department so that you can perform the next mission more quickly and more efficiently.

Features of the Emergency HQ APK Game

There are many awesome features of this game, we have listed down some of the best for you here.

Different Units and Different Roles

Emergency HQ APK game has a variety of units. You will have to play different roles depending on the situation. This game has a firefighter department, police department, SWAT, hospital, and technical department.

So you will be playing the game of being part of any department that the situation demands. For example, if there is a situation where the fire broke out then you will be part of a firefighter team to evacuate the buildings and shift the people to a safe place, and likewise roles.

Variety of missions and required staff

You will be playing many different roles in the game and have different missions to handle. Sometimes you will have to head the headquarters and assemble all the team members required to perform the specific mission. You should have knowledge about the staff required for that mission.

For example, you will need a doctor in situations, you will also need rescue and firefighters to evacuate the area. Therefore, you should understand and command the staff efficiently and in a proper manner in each mission to save the people.

Rescue passegners road accident

Each mission requires a set of expertise and planning so you should be prepared for that.

Emergency HQ APK upgradation

As you move forward in this game by completing missions properly, you will be in need of more staff and efficient resources in the headquarters for different roles in the missions to come. Therefore it is very important that you upgrade Emergency HD APK timely. You will need to update your staff and the resources in the headquarters to perform the required duties for the missions to come easily.

Make Alliances, Take Assistance, and Aids

One of the best features of this game is that you can make alliances with other players in this game. Thus these alliances will provide you with Aids and Assistance when needed, so you can perform your task very well.

Get Unlimited Gems

Some of the modified emergency HQ games will give the opportunity to get unlimited gems in the game, thus making you able to upgrade your headquarters anytime when needed in the game. Clearing the tasks and performing your duties in the game you will be able to unlock unlimited resources as well.


Emergency HQ is a wonderful game for you. It has many different missions and different situations. Where you will be responsible for arranging the staff for the mission and performing the duties to save the people’s lives and shift them to safe places.

With each mission you clear, you will be getting gems to upgrade your staff and the Headquarters. Thus, You will enjoy playing this game. Being part of different rescue teams, and providing people with needed help in the disaster situation in the game will give you tremendous happiness. So download this game right now and enjoy playing many different roles in the game.


Is Emergency HQ an online game?

Yes, emergency HQ is an online game and you need a continuous internet connection so that you can play this and enjoy it.

Is Emergency HQ APK Free?

Yes, Emergency HQ is a free-to-download game, you can download the game to your Android and enjoy playing it.

What is Emergency HQ?

Emergency HQ is a free Android strategy and rescue game that can be downloaded free to Android phones. It has different rescue missions which you have to complete by saving the people trapped in the situation and needing help.

Is emergency HQ on PC?

Yes, you can play this game on a PC as well, you just need a continuous internet connection.

How to upgrade the staff in this game?

You will need gems to upgrade the staff, and you will get the gems by playing and clearing the missions.


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