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Picrew App – creating anime and manga-style Avatars and image maker

The Japanese comics or graphic novels known as manga are loved and adored by many people around the world, due to their unique and adorable anime characters. Every manga lover has a favorite anime character and they adore them.

If you are also a manga anime character lover and make a manga-style character yourself then you are at the right place. Because we represent you the best App you can use to make your own best and coolest Picrew anime characters and avatars for free.

Thus if you want to make one of the coolest and best Picrew anime and manga-style characters according to your own choice then Picrew App Apk is the best choice you have.

Once you create these Picrew anime using Picrew App you can use these anime characters and avatars anywhere in social media, like you can use in Snapchat, Instagram, Tik Tok and many more.

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Now we will discuss in detail the Picrew APK for Android.


What is Picrew App?

Picrew App is a free Android App that you can use to create your own unique and original Picrew avatars and anime characters. You can use pre-made graphics like clothing, hairstyles, facial features, and many more to style and create your avatar. This App offers a simple and unique interface with a variety of customization options to style your avatar as you like.


Element Customization


Picrew App is free to download and use and once you download the App, you can make unlimited anime characters with it, and to Picrew avatars on social media you can download the Picrew avatars you created and upload them to your social media accounts.

In addition to creating your own Picrew avatars and anime characters, you can also download your favorite top trending Picrew characters from Japanese local lists or global lists.  Using this Picrew application you can customize characters as you wish.


Features of Picrew App

Picrew Apk for Android is an amazing App with some amazing features that you are going to love. We have enlisted some of the features for you.

Picrew App is Free to Use

The Picrew Application is totally free to use. You just have to download the Android application on your device and enjoy creating your favorite avatar characters yourself. Picrew App download is made easy for you here, you just have to click the download button and download it.

Simple and User-Friendly Interface

This avatar characters-making app is providing a very simple and user-friendly interface with unique graphic designs. This simple interface gives a seamless and enjoyable experience to the users. Its user-friendly and responsive interface makes it easy for users to interact with the elements easily.

It also provides very simple and clear navigation options and helpful tools which help the users a lot in their character creation.

Create Avatars in the style of Anime and Manga using Picrew App           

Using Picrew Ap you can mix and match different elements to create Picrew Avatars and manga characters. You can customize the pre-made avatars and manga characters and can also create your own avatars as well.

Pre-Made Graphics

Picrew App Apk for Android comes with pre-made avatar templates. These templates are created by talented artists. You can check the templates and even search for specific styles and themes. Once you find you can use it and further customize it as you wish.


Mango Characters

Diverse Customizable Elements on Picrew App

Picrew comes with a wide variety of customization elements, which allow you to customization your own avatars. You can use the following customization elements to create and design your own avatars.

  • Facial features
  • Eyes style
  • Lips customization
  • Caps style
  • Different Hairstyles
  • Clothing styles
  • Accessories
  • Backgrounds
  • And many more

Apart from these customizable features, there are a lot of pictures and avatars which you can choose and edit as you wish.

Avatar templates by Talented Artists

This Application not only gives you an opportunity to customize and create your avatars but also there are a lot of pre-made avatars and characters created by some of the best-talented artists. You can use these Avatars and manga characters and customize them as you wish.

Apart from that you can also collaborate with various talented artist who has contributed their own avatars’ templates in the application.

Layered Editing Option

This is an amazing feature of Picrew App Apk where you can edit each element of the avatar individually in their own layer. This layering feature can enable you to edit each element separately without affecting other features.

This will allow you to customize your avatar very precisely, thus you will have full control over the avatar’s appearance.

Multiple Languages Available

Picrew offers you multi-language options including English, Japanese, and more. This feature will help different users from different regions of the world to use the App comfortability and easily.

Add Tags – Get Discovered Easily

This feature of the App allows you to add different tags to your Avatar creations. Which will help others to discover your avatars easily. This feature also enables you to share and discover new and unique avatar designs and connect with the Picrew community.

Text Options Available

This text feature of the Picrew application will allow you to add text to your avatar’s characters. If you want to add names or quotes to your characters then you can do it using this feature.

There are a variety of fonts and styles you can use and also can adjust their size and colors.

Gender-Neutral Options

Apart from the male and female characters, there are also some neutral gender options, which you can use and create characters that reflect your identity.

Community Creations

This App allows you to connect with a large community of talented creators who created and shared their own avatar characters in the app. These characters can be reused mixed and matched by any other users using to create their own characters. Thus this feature will allow you to use the characters created by others and connect with many creators.

Save and Share Your Avatars from Picrew App to your device

You can save your avatar characters to your account and also can download them to your device. Apart from saving you can also share the characters on any social media. You can directly share the character on social media as well.

No Programming Skill Needed

To use this Application you do not need any programming skill because this App is very easy to use and have a very simple interface that anyone can use.


Avatars Maker


How to Download and Install Picrew App?

If you’re a manga lover and love to create your own manga avatars and Picrew avatar characters then download this amazing App and create your own avatar. We have made the Picrew App download easy for you. Just follow the step below and download the Picrew free App for your Android phones.

  • Go to the Download Now button and click to download Picrew Free App
  • Wait for the Picrew Apk file to download completely.
  • Once the download is complete click the Picrew App Apk file to start the installation
  • Allow any permissions needed
  • Wait for the installation to finish
  • Once the installation is finished the Picrew App APK is ready to use.
  • Use and create your own Picrew Avatars.


User’s Guide How to Use Picrew App

The App offers a variety of pre-made images and avatars. You can choose any image or avatar you like and customize it in the editor. Customize various features of the avatar, like its eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, dresses, etc.

You can also add various accessories to the avatar and change various colors and styles as we. There are also a lot of stickers that you can use in making your avatar.

On the App screen, you will see some options or icons. Some of the icon and their functions are as follow.

Complete Button

this icon is used to mark the avatar customization complete. Once the avatar is ready press complete.

Select Parts

to customize the avatars choose which part you want to customize. Like eyes, nose, hair, etc.

Show Random Button

Once this button is clicked all the features of the avatar are randomly set.

To dress up and customize the avatar you have the following functions

Selection of Items for Picrew Avatar Customization 

From this option, you can select the part you want to customize and it gives you various items to select from. With the ‘X’ option displayed, you can remove the items as well.

Select Color

With this option, you can change the colors of various items and parts.

Controller for moving and scaling Picrew Avatars

This option is used to move the avatar or scale the item or parts. You will have spacing, scaling, rotation, and move options here. You can also reset the controller setting using the reset controller button.

All Random

Using this option all the item, color, and controller settings can be set randomly. Once this button is pressed you can make the item and color selection again as well.

Items Random

With this option, only the color and the items are set randomly. Once this button is pressed the controller setting cannot be changed again but the color and items selection can be made again.

All Reset

This option will reset all the settings of the avatar or image to its default settings.


More features

Latest Version1.0.1
Required AndroidAndroid 5.1+
CategoryFree Avatar, Image Maker
LanguageJapanese, English, and 73 more



In a nutshell, Picrew App is an amazing and popular Picrew Avatar character creation application. This app has a variety of customization options and many more features which help you to create and customize your own avatars. The App has a very simple and user-friendly interface which provides a seamless experience.

In addition, this app has diverse elements and a community of talented artists to share their creativity. There are pre-made avatars to be used and customized as well. Apart from that, this App is multilingual and you can save and share your customized avatars on social media as well.

Thus wait no more and download this App to enjoy creating your own Picrew Avatar characters.



What is the Picrew app?

Yes, there is a Picrew Application that you can download from this website.

How do you use Picrew image maker?

Download the App and follow the user’s guide provided in this article, it will help you to create avatar characters.

Is it safe to use Picrew?

Yes, Picrew always put the safety of the user first. This application is safe to use.

What is the Picrew used on TikTok?

You can make avatars and Picrew characters using Picrew Application and you can also share these Picrew avatars on any social media account like tik tok.

What app is everyone using to make avatars?

Most people love to use Picrew APK to make avatars

What is the best anime avatar-maker app?

Picrew is the best avatar maker App




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How to install the APK?

  • Download the APK file using the download button
  • Tap the downloaded APK file
  • Click Install
  • Follow the steps on the screen