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Indian Bike Driving 3D – The most thrilling and realistic free motorcycle driving simulator game for Android devices.

When we jump into the world of gaming, we see that driving free wheel action games are among the most favorite games. People around the world love to play these thrilling motor and car driving action games and often want to experience new and latest experiences. Thus, to fulfill this desire today we are introducing the latest and most exciting game, Indian Bike Driving 3D for you. This is the most realistic and amazing bike-driving game where you will experience driving on Indian roads.

Thus if you are looking for the latest action game just like GTA then you are at the right place. Get this Indian Bike Driving game and experience unique gameplay exciting graphics and more.

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What is Indian Bike Driving 3D?

Indian Bike Driving 3D is a free Android game that can be downloaded from our website. This is a realistic and exciting bike-driving simulator game. Indian Bikes Driving 3D give the most thrilling experience of riding Indian motorcycles on Indian road. Thus this Indian Bike Driving game on Indian roads with the most realistic and unique graphics gives you a unique and new game experience.

Apart from the best realistic and unique graphics, the Indian Bikes Driving 3D game also provides you with a variety of different vehicles to choose from. Thus in this bike driving game, you can choose your own vehicle from a variety of options. In addition, you can also customize your bike and other vehicles in this game. Thus choose your favorite bike and customize it as you like to have the best driving experience in the game.

To enhance the game experience further, this bike driving app has many different challenges for you. These challenges will enhance your excitement and enjoyment further. You will get different and new challenges to complete at each level of the game. In addition,  there are different environments to choose from like different cities, deserts, and countryside. You can choose any environment suitable for you and complete the challenge.

Fight with Enemies


In addition to the variety of bikes, and the best realistic 3D graphics Indian Bike Driving 3D also provides very simple controllers. These controllers are perfectly adaptable to touchscreen devices. With a couple of buttons, you can easily play and control this game.

Apart from that just like the GTA game this game also provides the option to use weapons to maximize the excitement and gameplay experience. Thus in Indian Bikes Driving 3D, you can use different weapons for shooting enemies and criminal gangs in the game. To stay alive and defend yourself in the game and to complete different missions in the game you have to use different weapons. In addition, you will also find police officers patrolling in the game thus you have to escape if the officers chase you.

Thus in this Indian Bike Driving 3D game, you will find all the exciting features of riding Indian bikes and a lot of vehicles on Indian roads experiencing different environments and different thrilling actions. Thus Download the Indian Bike Driving 3D game now for free and have an amazing game experience.


Features of Indian Bike Driving 3D

Indian Bike Driving 3D has a lot of amazing features that will give you the best gaming experience in this bike-driving game. We will discuss some of the best game features that you will find in this game.


Indian Bike Driving 3D has the Best Realistic 3D Graphics

Indian Bikes Driving 3D is a GTA-style game where you find the best realistic 3D graphics. Everything from bikes, vehicles, roads, and surroundings to the overall environment gives a realistic feel to the game. Every detail of the vehicles is designed in such a way that they look real. Driving those vehicles in this bike-driving simulator game gives you a realistic feeling. You can also feel the jumps and bumps of the road as well.

Thus this game with its awesome 3D graphics is going to give you the best gaming experience.


Challenging Levels to Complete

This Bike Driving Game has different levels and each level has its own challenges and difficulties. Thus in every level of Indian Bike Driving 3D game, you will find new thrilling challenges and new missions to complete.


Indian Bike Driving 3D has Similarities with GTA

If you are a lover of the GTA game then you are going to love the Indian Bikes Driving 3D game. This game has a lot of similarities with the GTA game in terms of game experience, vehicles, missions, and many more. Thus you can say that you are playing GTA in an Indian environment with Indian bikes and vehicles.


Variety of Vehicles to Choose From

Driving only one vehicle throughout the game is kind of boring. Therefore, to give you the best driving and game experience Indian Bikes Driving 3D APK is giving you a range of vehicles to choose from. You have the option to drive all sorts of vehicles from an all-terrain AVT to a Lamborghini and many more vehicles.

Variety of Vehicles

Apart from that you can also customize your vehicles to give them the best looks and power you want.


Easy and Simple Game Controls

This Bike Riding App game has easy and simple game controllers enabling you to control the game very easily. These controllers are adjustable to touchscreen devices and thus can be easily used during the game. These easy and simple controllers give you full control of the game and enable you to win every mission very easily.


Indian Bike Driving 3D Offers a Variety of Environments

With a variety of vehicles, you are going to get a variety of environments in this game. During the game, you are going to experience different environments like different roads, cities, deserts, and many more. These different environments enhance the thrill and enjoyment of the game.


Different Weapons for Shooting Enemies

The thrill is not only limited to driving vehicles.  You also have a variety of weapons for shooting your enemies and other criminal gangs in the game. Thus in this game, if you want to stay alive and fight your enemies with full power, you have the option to use various weapons as well.

Variety of Weapons


Different Codes to Enhance Your Performance

There are different game codes available to enhance your performance in the game. You can use these game codes to enhance your vehicle’s capability. You can also perform best in the game as well. Thus to help you play the game like a pro, we have provided a list of game codes below that will help you perform exceptionally in this game.


Indian Bike Driving 3D Game Bike Codes List 2023

Bike ModelCode
Activa Scooty 6G0000
Royal Enfield Bullet9999
KMD Duck4215
Ghost Rider Bike (Avenger Bike)5555
Hayabusa Bike7000
Hero Splendor Bike1211
Ninja Kawasaki H2R Bike3000
New KTM Bike1190


Indian Bike Driving 3D Game Car Codes List

Car ModelCode
Bugatti Chiron4444
Range Rover6666
New Car2222
Wagonr Car1190


Game Codes Aeroplane List



Indian Bike Driving 3D Clothes Codes

Girl 2


Other Codes List of Bike Driving Game

Code Description
1215 Super jump
1216Ultra Super jump
9129Infinity Health
7112Moon Gravity
0Gas Tank


How to Download Indian Bike Driving 3D?

This game is a complete package for those who are looking for adventure as well as the thrill of driving different vehicles. Fighting your enemies and using weapons, wandering around like a boss, and enjoying the game as a king. Thus if you want to have the best action game experience then wait no further and download this game.

To start Indian Bike Driving 3D download you just have to click the DOWNLOAD NOW button above. When you click the button the Indian Bikes Driving 3D APK file will start downloading. We have given the latest and updated version of the Indian Bikes Driving 3D APK file on our website for you.

Thus, click on the DOWNLOAD button right now and get the Indian Bikes Driving 3D Game for your Android Phone for free.


How to Install Indian Bike Driving 3D?

Installation of Indian Bike Driving 3D is very simple. Follow the following simple steps to install this bike-driving game on your Android Phone.

  • Download the APK file from our website using the download button.
  • Once the Indian Bikes Driving 3D download completes, click on the downloaded APK file to start the installation.
  • Wait for the APP to install completely and do not interrupt in between.
  • Give any permissions that may be needed during the installation process.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can open the APP to start playing the game.


More Features

Latest Version25
Required AndroidAndroid 4.4+
CategoryFree Simulation Game
App By  Rohit Gaming Studio



In a nutshell, we can say that this is an amazing game full of action and thrill. It is best for those who want to experience driving various vehicles, experience different game environments, go through different challenges, fight with their enemies, get involved in fistfights and weapon fights, and also experience the Indian road and environment in an action game. Therefore, Indian Bike Driving 3D is the best game in which you are going to experience all these thrilling and exciting activities in one place.

Thus if you are an action game lover or a driving and adventure game lover you should download this game right now and enjoy the best game experience.

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How to get the Indian Bike Driving 3D?

You can get Indian Bike Driving 3D from our website for free. Thus, click on the download button and start downloading this game for your Android Phones.

What is the code of the Indian Bike Game 3D?

You can find the best game code for Indian Bikes Game 3D on our website. Thus you can use these codes to enhance your chances of winning.

What’s the file size of Indian Bikes Driving 3D?

Indian Bikes Driving 3D will take up around 91.3MB of your device storage.

Is Indian Bike Driving 3D Safe?        

Yes, this game is safe to download and install.


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How to install the APK?

  • Download the APK file using the download button
  • Tap the downloaded APK file
  • Click Install
  • Follow the steps on the screen