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Beneficiary Outreach App – Provide services to the deserving and eligible beneficiaries by the governments of Andhra Pradesh.

Many new initiatives have been taken by the government of India and the government of Andhra Pradesh to provide the required services and benefits to ordinary and underprivileged citizens. These services and beneficiary programs have helped many underprivileged people in the state and become a helping hand for the needy and deserving people.


Technology has helped ordinary citizens and the government in various ways regarding these programs and services. Technology has made the delivery of these programs to deserving people easy and fair. Thus to make these beneficiary programs easily accessible to the people the Government of Andhra Pradesh has developed the Beneficiary Outreach App. This App enables beneficiaries to get easy access to these government schemes.

We will discuss in detail this Android mobile application which will help you to now and get access to these government programs. Thus keep reading to get all the knowledge and information about this amazing APK.


What is a Beneficiary Outreach App?

Beneficiary Outreach App is a free Android application developed by the government of Andhra Pradesh. This APK is developed to make the accessibility of these government schemes easy for the beneficiary. Thus if you are a beneficiary of these schemes or want to know about these government schemes then you can download the Beneficiary Outreach APK for your Android mobile right now.

This new and latest version of this APK is available for download on our website and you can download it without any hustle. This Application is very lightweight and easy to use as well. Using this beneficiary outreach APK the beneficiaries can get access to details about their scheme, payment details, and status.

In addition, you can also get all the knowledge about other Andhra Pradesh Government Schemes like IMMS APP and many more. Thus if you are a beneficiary or someone who wants to know about all the information about AP government schemes then you are at the right place. The Beneficiary Outreach App download will allow you to get all this information in no time and place.

Beneficiary Outreach comes with some of the best features which will enable you to get all the information very easily within no time. We have discussed all these features below in detail, thus if you want to know about these features then keep reading the article.


Main Features of Beneficiary Outreach App

You will find some simple yet very reliable and amazing features in the new version of the Beneficiary Outreach application which we will discuss for you in detail.

Data Collection and Updates Option for Field Officers

Beneficiary Outreach application provides an interface for the field officers to collect and update the data of beneficiaries. Thus using this app the field officers can easily and effectively collect the beneficiary data into the system and update the data on time.

Using the new version of this App the field officers can collect the details about the personal information, eligibility of beneficiaries for the scheme, and their bank account details for the payment.

Digital Acknowledgment Slips for Various Services

Using this App you can generate digital acknowledgement slips for various services available in this App for later use. You can generate different digital slips like the application submission, grievances redressals, or the benefits received using this citizen outreach app very easily.

Beneficiary Outreach Application Status Tracking

This App allows you to track the status of your application on any service or scheme. In addition, whenever there is an update regarding your application, you will also get notified by the beneficiary outreach officials in this App with a notification.

Scheme Details

Using this mobile App you can view various details regarding your application in any scheme. Thus if you wish to access the details about your applications details then you can easily do it using this app. You can access the details about the eligibility criteria for any scheme, benefit amount for beneficiaries, and payment schedules.

In addition, you can also view your benefit payment history and can also track the status of pending payments as well.

Updates Payment Status

This App lets you know about your payment status and can also track the history of payments as well.

Grievances Registration Mechanism

This app enables you to submit your grievances as well. Thus if you have any grievances or any complaints related to any scheme or your benefits then you can easily submit them to the officials using this App.

In addition to registering the grievances, this app allows you to track and monitor the resolution of your grievances as well. Thus this App ensures a fair beneficiary outreach system for the citizens.

Easy to Use Interface

You will find an easy-to-use and very simple user interface in this app. This simple user-friendly interface enables everyone to use this app and anyone can easily use this app without any hustle.

Know About All AP Schemes

This App will give you information about all the schemes by the AP government. Thus you are getting all the information in a single mobile app which you can download right now for free.

Safe and Secure

This Android APK ensures the safety and security of user data. This is a safe and secure App for Android users and provides a secure service. Thus you do not have to worry about your data privacy while using this mobile App.

Beneficiary Outreach App Free Download

The Beneficiary Outreach App’s new version can be downloaded on Android mobile for free and it also provides an easy installation. Thus go for the Beneficiary Outreach app download right now and get all the information about AP government beneficiary schemes.

Bridge Between Administration and Beneficiaries

This App also acts as a bridge between the ordinary citizens and the administration. This app makes the beneficiary’s data collection, maintenance, and evaluation very easy for the administration. In addition, it makes the registrations, application tracking, finding benefits history details, and more things easy for the citizen as well.


Various Services Available on Beneficiary Outreach App New Version

There are various services by the AP government for ordinary people and you can find all the information about these services in the Beneficiary Outreach APK. Below are all the various services that are available in this App.

  • Kalynamastu: This is a financial assistance service introduced by the government to financially assist mothers who gave birth to girls on January 2, 2019, or after that.
  • Chedodu: Chedodu is a scheme for the families of pregnant women and lactating mothers to financially assist them.
  • Housing EKYC: This scheme helps beneficiaries to perform EKYC for housing schemes.
  • Jagananna Thodu: this scheme helps the families of disabled persons financially.
  • Jagananna Vasati Deevena: This Scheme helps poor families financially for housing.
  • Jagananna Vidya Deevena: Through this scheme, the government provides financial assistance to poor families for their children’s education.
  • SGC Survey: This scheme helps in collecting data regarding the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Andhra Pradesh.

Thus you can get all the information about these amazing schemes in this single app.


How to Use Beneficiary Outreach App?

Using this App is very simple and easy and everyone can use it without any hustle. To use this app will have to download the Beneficiary Outreach APK on your mobile and install it. Follow the simple steps below to perform the EKYC Process. You can do the same with other schemes as well.

  • Log into the App.
  • Click on the Mother Account Details Update option.
  • You will get a field for the Adhar card number, enter the Adhar number of the beneficiary.
  • Select whether the beneficiary is alive or dead from the two options given.
  • Based on the mother’s status, alive or deceased, enter the mother’s Adhar number or the Adhar number of the concerned person and perform EKYC.
  • After the EKYC is complete a success message will appear on your mobile screen.


How to Download and Install Beneficiary Outreach App New Version

If you are a beneficiary of the Beneficiary Outreach Program by the AP government or someone who wants to know about all the beneficiary schemes offered by the government for ordinary people then this App is for you. Beneficiary Outreach App is a free Android App that you can download and install right now on your Android mobile.

The downloading and installation steps are very simple and you can download this App by following the simple steps below.

  • Click on the Download Now button above to start the Beneficiary Outreach App new version download.
  • Wait for the download to complete and do not interrupt in-between.
  • Once the download is complete, click on the APK file to start the installation process.
  • Wait for the installation to complete and do not interrupt the installation in-between.
  • Give any permissions or system access that may be required for the installation process.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can open the App and find all the information about these amazing schemes.


Specifications and System Requirements

Latest Version18.7
Required AndroidAndroid 5.0+
Size16.9 MB
CategoryFree App
Developed ByGSWS



In conclusion, we can say that the Beneficiary Outreach Android App helps ordinary people in a lot of ways. This App enables you to check your application status in just one click. You can also check the details, eligibility criteria, application process, and many more information by using this app. In addition, this Application makes it easy for the field officers to collect and maintain data as well.

Thus to make your application process easy and to remain updated about your application process and to register any complaint if you may have then download this App for free now.



Is Beneficiary Outreach Application Safe?

Yes, this is a safe and secure app to download and install on your Android mobile.


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How to install the APK?

  • Download the APK file using the download button
  • Tap the downloaded APK file
  • Click Install
  • Follow the steps on the screen