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IMMS App – A helping hand by the government of India for the poor and underprivileged students in rural and urban areas.

The world we are living in today is a world of science, technology, and AI. Where access to quality education, food security, and nutrition are the basic rights of every student. These are some of the basic things that help students in their upbringing and development.

Imms App details

Many students in rural areas and other parts of the country face the problems of lack of nutrition, food security, and access to education. These are very serious problems in society that affect the upbringing and growth of students physically, mentally, educationally, and personally. To have a stable and developing society our students should be provided with these basic needs so that they can perform well and do some good for this world.

Thus to have a stable and developing society we should focus on the basic needs of our students like their nutrition, access to education, and food security. In this regard the effect of the government of India in launching an Android mobile APP to address the issue of lack of nutrition, food security, and access to education. We will discuss the IMMS APP in detail below so keep reading to know about this amazing initiative and this amazing APP.


What is an IMMS App?

The government of India launched the IMMS App to help the poor and underprivileged students from ruler and urban areas. This APP is to resolve their problems related to access to education, lack of nutrition, and food insecurities.

The IMMS full form is the Mid-Day Meal Scheme. It is an Android mobile application developed by the government to get updated data on daily and monthly mid-day meals consumed by the pupils. The schools also regularly update the data using this App. In addition, you can install the latest version of this app on your Android devices and use it for free.

The MDM in-charge of any school can the attendance of daily meals consumed by the pupils. The MDM in-charge of any school has the option to send this mid-day meal scheme through this App. Thus, For the MDM in-charge to feed the data in this APP he has to go for IMMS login by entering his login credentials.

A simplified web portal is designed for the higher authorities of Blocks, District, and state levels to effectively and efficiently monitor the daily and monthly data transmission by all the schools in their respective jurisdictions. Thus using this MDM website authorities of the respective district and state can effectively monitor and evaluate the data. In addition, this also makes the food delivery transparent and effective.

The IMMS App and IMMS website play a vital role in helping underprivileged students from the ruler and urban areas of India to get access to education, food security, and nutrition needs. Thus, all the school MDM in-charges, school representatives, and higher authorities should download IMMS to help the students.

Mid Day Meal Scheme

Imms updated version comes with some amazing features. So keep reading to get all the information about all the awesome features of this amazing App.


Main Features of Imms App

This app has many amazing features. we discuss some of the best features below. so keep reading to get all the information about these amazing features of this App.

Easy IMMS App Login Page

IMMS App provides a very simple login page so that anyone using this App can easily log in to this App. Login credentials are required to log in and use the App to feed data in the App.

IMMS Website for Higher Authorities

The IMMS website option is also an amazing feature that helps the Higher Authorities to effectively monitor the Mid-Day Meal Data Transmission by the respective school in their jurisdiction.

IMMS App for MDM In-Charges

IMMS APK Application is very helpful for the MDM in-charges. Now they can easily feed the Mid-Day Meal Data and keep track of the data. Thus the In-charges MDM in each school can easily feed the data in the App. The transmission of data is also easy now for the respective authorities.

Effective and Efficient Daily Mid-Day Meal Data Transmission

The effective and efficient transmission of the Mid-Day Meal data is an amazing feature of this application.  It helps the in-charge MDMs of every school in India and the respective authorities regarding the feeding, transmission, and collection. In addition, it also helps in monitoring the Mid-Day Meal data of every pupil.

Free to Download and Install on Android Mobiles

IMMS App’s new version is free to download and install on Android mobiles. Thus the school’s MDM in-charges and authoritative persons in the school can easily download and install this app for free and use.

Mid-Day Meal Data Update by School

The Mid-Day Meal data is updated daily by the respective schools using this App. Thus the data of the poor and underprivileged students from all over India is updated using this app.

Video and Photo Capturing in Pre-Dispatch Godown Inspection

In the latest version of this App, provision is given to capture a 30-second video and photos during the Pre-Dispatch Godown inspection. These can be done in the MEO login.

Provision to Capture in MDM and TMF Inspection Form

The inspection officer can now capture a self-photo that is approved in the MDM and TMF inspection form.

Feedback from the Children and Parent Committee

Now a 30-second video can be captured in the children and parents committee feedback screen.


How to Download and Install IMMS App?

The IMMS App download is free and you can install it on Android mobiles for free now. The latest and updated versions of this Application are available here for download. Thus if you are an MDM in-charge or an authoritative person who can feed the data of their respective schools, then you can download the IMMS App now for free.

To download and install this App on your Android mobile follow the following simple steps.

  • Click the Download Now button to start the APK file Download on your Android mobile.
  • Once the download starts do not interrupt in-between and let the download complete.
  • Click the downloaded APK file of this App to start the installation process.
  • Agree to any agreements and allow any permissions that may be required by the App during the installation process.
  • Wait for the installation to complete and do not interrupt in between.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can now use the app to Feed and Transmit the Mid-Day Meal data of the students.

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Specifications and Systems Requirements

Latest Version1.7.6
Previous Version1.7.4
Required AndroidAndroid 7.0+
CategoryFree App
Size18.7 MB
Launched ByMid-Day Meals
Verified ByGoogle Playstore



IMMS App is an amazing and very important initiative by the government of India. It facilitates the poor and underprivileged students from rural and urban areas. This App is very important in terms of solving the problems of access to education, lack of nutrition, and food security. Due to this App, many underprivileged students have access to quality education and get the required nutrition. Thus if you are an HM or in charge of MDM in your school, download IMMS and help needy students.



What is the full form of Imms?

The full form of IMMS is the Mid-Day Meal Scheme.

How do I install IMMS app?

To install IMMS APK on your Android mobile, download the APK file of this APP by clicking the Download Now button. To start the installation of this APP on your mobile follow the above given steps.


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How to install the APK?

  • Download the APK file using the download button
  • Tap the downloaded APK file
  • Click Install
  • Follow the steps on the screen