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Pure Tuber APK – Enjoy the Ads-free YouTube Videos and Music on your Android, IOS, PC, Laptops, and MAC.

Sometimes we are stuck with problems and are looking for quick fixes and solutions, looking for creative birthday party ideas for upcoming birthdays, need help with studies, are bored and looking for some funny videos to cheer us up, want to watch our favorite drama serial or movie or sometimes looking for the recipe for our favorite dish. In these scenarios, we always looked towards the one and only video giant YouTube. YouTube is a Video search engine that is the largest video platform in the world and there is nothing we cannot find on YouTube.

YouTube is the online video-sharing and social media platform in which people share videos on diverse topics. There are videos on every topic like studies, profession, fashion and design, style, video tutorials on everything, documentaries, movies, dramas, architecture, engineering, social, cooking, and many more uncountable topics. We can watch any video for free on YouTube.

Yes, YouTube’s unlimited free videos on every topic have made our lives very easy but the frequently shown ADS on YouTube videos make it very annoying. These YouTube Ads interrupt our favorite videos, movies, tutorials, or media and make it very annoying. You may have had the same experience when you are watching your favorite video or media and suddenly the annoying Ads pop up. You cannot skip them at once and have to wait till the Ads are complete. At that point, you might have wished that these ads were not there, so you could have watched your favorite video without interruption.

Pure Tuber APK is here to make that wish come true. Yes, this is an App where you can watch YouTube videos without Ads. Keep reading to know all about this amazing App.


What is Pure Tuber APK?

Pure Tuber APK is a third-party online streaming App service that allows you to watch your favorite YouTube videos without Ads. This App is like YouTube in its usage and application. It is available for Android mobiles, IOS systems, MAC, Windows, and smart TVs as well. Thus you can freely download Pure Tuber for PC, laptop, MAC, IOS, or your Android mobile right now.

Pure Tuber is a versatile and unique video streaming service or platform due to its versatile and unique features. This free video streaming platform comes with the best features that you wish you had on YouTube. It’s ADS-free streaming of video, background video, and music playing option, downloading video to watch offline, high-quality videos, trending videos to watch, downloading audios, pop-up player while multi-tasking and many more amazing features make it the best choice.

trending videos

In addition, this application allows you to access all the videos on YouTube. Thus you can easily access and watch your favorite YT videos through this App within no time and watch them without getting interrupted by annoying ads. You can watch High-quality Ultra HD videos, most trending videos, and your favorite dramas, movies, documentaries, and more uninterrupted videos.

Furthermore, Pure Tuber APK allows you to find new music genres and listen to the daily top charts of your country. In addition, you will also get free song recommendations based on your taste in music. Thus using this App you can access and stream unlimited music.

Thus Pure Tuber is an Application that can help you to enjoy all the YouTube premium APK features in this APP. If you are annoyed by the reparative ads and fed up with the unwanted interruption of your favorite video and music, then this App is a gift for you.

To know all the information about the amazing features of this App and to know how you can get it on your Android, PC, MAC, Laptop, or IOS keep reading the article. Below we will discuss some of the most exciting and unique features offered by this App, so keep reading to get all the insides.


Main Features of Pure Tuber

Pure Tuber APK offers some interesting and amazing features that will help to enjoy your favorite videos and music without any interruption and breaks. The features offered by this App are available in YouTube Premium. You will have to pay to use these in YouTube Premium which is offered for free in this App.

You will find many features that you wish you had on your YouTube, like the Background Video Player, Minimize and resizable function for the corner window option, Floating Video Player, High-Resolution ion Video, Downloading Videos and music for offline, and many more. All these features can be found in Pure Tuber for PC, Pure Tuber for Android TV and Smart TV, Pure Tuber for Windows and MACs, and Pure Tuber for Android and IOS mobile.

Some of the amazing features are discussed below, so keep reading to get all the information about these features.

Ads-Free Video and Music Streaming

This Video and music streaming App offer no Ads thus you can watch your favorite videos and listen to your favorite music without being interrupted by annoying ads. On YouTube, you have to buy a premium subscription to watch ads-free videos while Pure Tube App offers this feature for free.

Background Video Player in Pure Tuber APK

Unlike YT this application comes with a background video player which allows you to play your favorite videos and music while performing other tasks. Thus you can now play videos and music in the background while you are using other apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, messenger, telegram, Snapchat, etc.

Floating Video Player in Pure Tuber APK

Ever wondered how amazing would it be if we could watch our favorite music videos while working? This is possible now while using the Pure Tuber App. The floating video player of this application allows you to watch your favorite video while working or using other Applications. You can enjoy the videos and music on a small popup window on the screen while you are working.

The floating window is resizable and moveable, thus you can adjust its size as looks fits you and adjust its position where it is suitable for you.

Variety of Resolution Options and High-Resolution Videos

This Video Streaming platform offers a variety of resolutions for you to watch your videos. You can choose among the various quality ranges offered by the App. Watch your favorite movies, music, dramas, shows, and other videos in ultra-high resolution. Choose a suitable quality range from 144P to 8K as it suits you and enjoy your favorite videos.

Stream YouTube Videos and Download for Offline mode

You can stream unlimited YouTube video content and watch as many videos as you want using this App. If you are annoyed by the irritating ads of YT then you can watch those videos here in this App without worrying about the ads. You can even download these videos for the offline mode as well.

Simple and User-Friendly Interface

This App comes with a very simple and user-friendly interface. You can easily use this app without any hardship. It has a very similar interface to YouTube, thus if you use YT then you can easily use this app. Like YT this App you get like, dislike, comment, subscribe, and download video options.

Trending Videos and Music – Top Chart Music and Videos

Like the YT Pure Tuber also has the feature to recommend trending videos and music. Thus you can easily get access to and know the most trending video content. Thus download this App to get all the trending and top chart videos and content right now.

Bookmark Your Favorite Music and Videos

We always want to listen to our favorite music over and over again or watch our favorite over and over again. This App helps us to do that easily, as it offers the feature of bookmarking. Thus you can bookmark your favorite video content or music using this App on your Android, IOS, MAC, Windows, or laptops and enjoy it again.

Unlimited Content to Stream and Download Directly to Device

Using this Video Streaming Platform you can get access to unlimited video content and music. You can also download any video or music for offline mode or download directly to your device. Unlike YT this App allows you to download content to your device thus making it very awesome. Thus you can now use this App to not only stream your favorite videos and music but can also download it to your device.

Various Language Options for Global Users

Keeping in mind the global users this app offers a variety of languages for the users. Thus you can select your country’s language and use this App with comfort. This makes this Application user-friendly and approachable for all individuals who are comfortable using their country’s language.

Customizable Video Playback Option

Providing an engaging environment for the users, Pure Tuber offers customizable and flexible video playback settings for its users. Thus you can easily customize the playback setting as per your preference. You can set the auto-repeat and playback speeds as you wish to get an amazing viewing experience.

Premium Features of YouTube for Free

You get all the YouTube premium features for free in this app. Features like watching Ads-free videos, downloading videos and music, and more. Thus if you are annoyed by YouTube ads and enjoy all other premium features for free then use this app and enjoy the YT premium features for free in this App.

Pure Tuber APK is Available for a Variety of Devices

Pure Tuber APK is available for various devices like Android, IOS, MAC, Windows, Laptops, tablets, etc. Thus you can download the Pure Tuber App on any of these devices and use it for free and enjoy your favorite videos and music.


Pure Tuber APK for Android

If you are an Android user and want to enjoy all the YouTube videos and music without the interruption of ads then you can have Pure Tuber APK download on your Android mobile. Get rid of the annoying and repetitive YT ads and go for Pure Tuber App download for free right now. You can download this App on your Android devices for free and enjoy all the premium features of YouTube for free in the App. Thus wait no further and go for the APK download right now and enjoy your favorite videos without any hindrances in between.

 ads free streaming

Pure Tuber App for IOS

No worries if you are an IOS user and want this amazing App on your iPhone. You can easily download Pure Tuber for IOS from the Apple App Store right now. Thus do not worry about YT ads that interrupt your continuous joy of watching movies, videos, and music, and download the Pure Tuber App right now. You can get this App for your IOS right now for free so wait no further and download it right now to enjoy an uninterrupted stream.


Pure Tuber App for PC

If you are a PC user and want Pure Tuber for PC then you do not need to worry because you can now easily download Pure Tube APK for PC right now using GameLoop Emulator. You can download this App for PC and enjoy all its amazing and premium features on your PC for free. Download Pure Tuber for Windows 10, and Windows 7 right now for free. You can also download this App for your Laptop right now. Irrespective of which laptop you have you can download this App right now and enjoy your favorite videos for free and without ads.


Pure Tuber App for MAC

MAC user can also download this Video and Music streaming platform on their MAC for free now. You can download this App very easily from Apple Store right now. Download it for free to enjoy all the amazing and premium features of this App for free.


Pure Tuber APK for Smart TV/ Android TV

If you have Android Smart TVs and want to enjoy your favorite movies, documentaries, videos, and music without interruption and seeing unwanted ads, then Pure Tuber APK has your back. You can use this App for free on your Smart Android TVs as well. Thus Download Pure Tuber for your smart TV and enjoy your favorite video on the big screen without being distracted by the annoying ads.


How to Download and Install Pure Tuber

Are you fed up with the annoying and repetitive ads on YouTube while watching your favorite videos and want an ads-free viewing experience? Then Pure Tuber is here for you. With Pure Tuber APK download on your Android mobile you can enjoy an ads-free stream. This App download is free and you can download it right now to watch all YouTube videos and music without ads.

Thus, download Pure Tuber APK for your Android mobiles right now and enjoy the amazing features of this App for free. To download pure tuber APK for your Android mobile follow the following simple steps.

  • Download the XAPK file by clicking the Download Now button above.
  • Install the Split APKs Installer app to install XAPK files on your Android mobile.
  • Open the app and tap on “Install APKs”.
  • Browse for the folder where the downloaded APK ZIP file is located and select it.
  • Follow the steps on the screen.
  • Once the installation starts do not interrupt in-between and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Give any access and permissions that may be required for the installation process.
  • Accept any agreement that may be required for the installation.
  • Once the installation is finished, you can open the App and enjoy the uninterrupted and ads-free stream of your favorite videos.

If you are looking for a TikTok Video and Music downloader without a TikTok watermark. Then you can check the TTSave APP, which you can download and install for free on your Android mobile, and download your favorite TikTok on your device.


Specification and System Requirements for Android 

Latest Version5.0.0.007
Size25.5 MB
Required AndroidAndroid 4.4+
CategoryFree Video Players
Developed ByPure Tuber Studio



In a nutshell, Pure Tuber APK App is the best App you can have on your Android, IOS, MAC, or PC right now because of the versatile and unique features it has to offer. It gives you the freedom from the annoying Ads of YouTube. Watch your favorite videos and music without Ads. In addition, it also provides the background video player options as well. Thus you can play your favorite videos and music while working on other Apps as well and the floating video player helps you to watch your video while working.

Thus, we can say that this app provides all the premium features of YT for free. So wait no further and download the Pure Tuber APK App right now and enjoy uninterrupted video streaming without ads.



What is Pure Tuber?

This is a Free App that helps you to watch all your favorite videos and music without ads. If you are annoyed by the repetitive ads on YouTube then you can use this App to watch all YouTube video content without ads.

How to download Pure Tuber APP on a Laptop?
To download this App on your laptop follow the above guidelines of Pure Tuber for Windows or Mac to download this App on your laptop.

Why Pure Tuber is not working?

It may be due to your internet connection. Check your internet connection and try to restart the App. If this does not work try to reinstall the App and check again.


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How to install the APK?

  • Download the APK file using the download button
  • Tap the downloaded APK file
  • Click Install
  • Follow the steps on the screen