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Offroad Drive Desert – Test your driving skills on challenging and most extreme Off-road desert terrains.

Excited about playing a new game? Want to experience extreme gameplay right now? If yes, then keep reading because today we are going to share one of the best and most exciting games with you.

Nowadays there are different types of games around, among them, vehicle driving games and vehicle driving simulator games are among the most popular ones. Many people love to play unique, thrilling, and most challenging simulator games. If you also found challenging driving simulator games then you should try the Off-Road Desert Drive game right now.

Offroad Desert Game

In this article, we will be sharing all the information about this amazing game so keep reading and get all the insides of this game.

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What is Offroad Drive Dessert?

Offroad Drive Desert is the most realistic and exhilarating gaming experience that takes you on a virtual adventure through the most challenging terrains of deserts. This is the best off-road driving simulation game that gives you the opportunity to test your driving skills and resilience in extreme conditions.

This game has to offer you some of the most challenging desert terrains to drive on. Driving offroad vehicles on such challenging and dangerous terrains requires some serious driving skills and different offroad techniques. Thus this game is going to give you a tough time and test your driving skills. Which makes it the most thrilling and exciting offroad simulator game.

Desert Driving simulator Game

Apart from the challenging gameplay, this game has to offer the best HD graphics. The stunning graphics and the realism in the game will give you an amazing game experience. In addition, the details of vehicles and the damage system to the vehicles make this game a mirror effect of the real-life offroad driving experience. Thus, with offroad drive desert APK, you can experience graphics like PC on your Android phones as well.

In addition, in this game, you will find a variety of offroad vehicles to drive, experience different desert types, and play in different game modes, challenging levels, smooth game controls, and many more features. Thus, get Offroad Drive Desert APK for your Android mobile right now and enjoy this exciting game.


Main Features of Offroad Drive Desert

This game comes with some of the best game features that will give you the best gaming experience. This game will offer you the best graphics, realistic visuals, Indian environment, best offroad vehicles to drive, customization and upgradation options, and many more.

Let’s dive into the details of the best game features you are going to get in this off-road drive desert game.

Stunning Graphics and Realism

The Offroad Drive Desert APK game offers the most realistic HQ graphics in the game. The stunning graphics of the game will make this game the best choice. You will find the off-road vehicles and the desert terrains so realistic that you will feel as if you are driving a real vehicle.

Variety of Famous Off-Road Vehicles to Choose

In this game, you will find a wide variety of offroad vehicles to drive. Thus in a single game, you can enjoy driving more than 11 high-quality and famous offroad vehicles for free. So if you are a lover of offroad driving then this game is the best choice for you.

Time-Based Game Levels

This game has to offer you time-based levels. Thus making the game even more interesting and challenging for you. You have to complete the game levels at a specific given time will test your driving skills and give you an interesting experience.

FreeRoam Mode in Offroad Drive Desert 

This feature of the game will enable you to ride any car in the game and drive anywhere freely as you like. Thus in FreeRoam mode, there is no restriction on following a single and pre-determined route but you can drive and roam freely anywhere in the game.

Offroad Vehicles

Diverse Desert Types

In the off-road drive desert, you will find diverse game maps and desert types to drive in. Thus, you can experience driving some of the most famous and high-quality off-road vehicles on diverse deserts and get a unique and amazing driving experience.

Day and Night Modes

In this game, you will also find day and night modes as well. Thus this game enables you to experience off-road driving at night as well. Both the modes will have their own challenges and you have to drive accordingly.

Offroad Drive Desert Have Different Camera Views 

Offroad drive desert game will offer 3 different camera views in the game which will help you drive the off-road vehicle effectively. You will find the following camera view in this game.

  • Orbit Camera
  • Internal Camera
  • Follow Camera

Simple and Responsive Controls

The offroad drive desert game’s latest version will offer very simple and responsive controls. Thus you can play this very challenging game with very simple screen controls. These controls are simple yet very effective and responsive thus making the play very easy for you.

Vehicle Damage System and Damage Repairing

The vehicle damage system of the game makes this game closer to realism. When you get an accident in the game or bump your vehicle with anything your vehicle will get damages. In addition, you can also repair your vehicle in the game like you do in your real life. Thus like in real life you also have to take care of your vehicle and drive it safely in the game as well.

The Different Gear Systems of the Vehicles

The offroad vehicles in the game come with different gears. You can use different gears to get more power and speed in the game. You can use 2WD and 4WD gears to provide more power to all the wheels. In addition, you can use 1st gear for more power and 2nd and 3rd gear in combination with 4WD to get more speed. Thus using these gears according to the situation to perform better in the game.

Unlimited Rewards and Money

With each win in the game, you will get rewards and money. Thus by winning more levels and completing more tasks, you can win unlimited money and rewards in the game. You can use these rewards and money to upgrade your vehicles in the game as well.

Drive Offroad Game


How to Download Off-Road Drive Desert?

If you love to drive famous and high-quality offroad vehicles and want to test your driving skills on challenging roads then this game is for you. Download Offroad Drive Desert now on your Android devices and enjoy the thrill this game offers you.

On this website, we have made offroad drive desert download easy for you. You can download this legendary game in just one click. Thus wait no further and follow the following steps to start offraod drive desert APK download right now.

  • Click the Download Now button above to start the offroad drive desert APK download.
  • Wait for the APK download to complete.
  • Give access to any permission that may be required for the downloading.
  • Once the Offroad Drive Desert APK download is complete, you can proceed with the game installation.

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How to Install Off-Road Drive Desert?

To install this game first you have to download Offroad Drive Desert on your Android phone. If you already have Offroad Drive Desert APK, then follow the following steps to install the game.

  • Click the downloaded APK file of the game to start the installation.
  • Once the installation starts, do not interrupt in-between.
  • Wait for the installation to finish.
  • Accept any agreements and give access to any permissions the game may require for installation.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can enjoy driving offroad vehicles in challenging terrains.


More Features of the Game

  • Unlock maps and vehicles by completing levels.
  • In FreeRoam mode you can drive anywhere.
  • You can do rock crawling.
  • Traction control.
  • You will have roll and pitch meters.
  • Three different cameras.
  • Real suspension and real physics of vehicles.
  • Different gear system.
  • Challenging levels
Latest Versio1.1.0
Required AndroidAndroid 2.3+
CategoryFree Offroad simulation game
Developed ByLogicMiracle



In final words, we can say that, offroad drive desert of like a gift for all offroad vehicle driving lovers. Because this game offers you a lot of amazing features and stunning graphics. This game will also test your offroad driving skills with challenging desert terrains and difficult tasks. Thus this game is going to give you some thrilling and exciting game experiences.

So if you want to experience driving a variety of famous offroad vehicles in different challenging desert terrains and test your driving skills, then this game is for you. Download this offroad vehicle driving game on your Android right now for free.



What is the Offroad Drive Desert about?

This game is about driving some of the famous and high-quality offroad vehicles in different desert terrains. With time-bound levels of the game and many challenging tasks, this game gives a thrilling game experience.

Is Offroad Drive Desert free?

Yes, this game is free to download on all Android phones having Android 2.3+ operating systems.


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