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Indian Train Simulator – the best train simulator game with interesting features and realistic graphics. Download free on your Android mobile devices and get the best game experience.

With unique features, realistic graphics, challenging tasks, represent real-life situations, simulator games always give an amazing game experience to the players. In particular, the driving simulator games are always the first choice of man people.

Driving simulator games allow you to drive different types of vehicles in gameplay that represent a real-life situation. Thus, playing these driving simulation games will allow you to take on different challenges in the game and check your gaming skills.

To take this excitement of driving different vehicles to the next level you should get a simulator game like India Train Simulator. As the name suggests this is going to be an amazing game where you will experience driving an Indian Train in some of the best and challenging situations.

If you are looking for an interesting, unique, and challenging game, to test your driving and gaming skills then you should go for Indian Train Simulator download. Keep reading further to get all the insides about this game and its features and more.


What is Indian Train Simulator?

If you are looking for the best train simulator game and want to experience driving an Indian train in Indian railway Systems then you are at the right place. Because we present to you Indian Train Simulator. The best train simulator game which you can download on your Android devices for free.

This game like the Indian Car Simulator has the most realistic graphics and the best sound effects. This creates a very close-to-real situation in the game. Thus, playing this game you will feel like you are driving a real train in real life.

In this game, you will find a lot of real railway lines that run between some of the most popular cities in India. In addition, this game has to offer you many challenging game levels to complete. Apart from that,  you will also find many railway stations to choose from. Furthermore, you can choose any express liveries from a dozen available in the game.

APK Train Game

In addition, the designers of the game have included every tiny detail of trains, railway lines, stations, track changes, and more in the game. Thus, this is an amazing and most loved train simulation game due to its amazing game features and realistic details.

Thus, this game is the best choice you will make if you want to play a train simulator game. You can play this game for free on your Android mobile. So wait no further and get the Indian Train Simulator APK for your Android and have the best game experience right now.


Main Features of Indian Train Simulator

Due to its amazing features, this game is widely loved among other train simulator games. This game offers some of the features that will give you an amazing game experience. Some of the most loved features of the Indian Train Simulator APK game are realistic and best graphics, the best sound effects, the variety of trains, stations, and railway lines, the best signaling system, and many more.

You can enjoy all these amazing features for free if you have the Indian Train Simulation download on your mobile. To get all the information about every feature keep reading the article. We have enlisted some of the most loved features of this game below for you.

Download and Install for Free on Android Mobile

Indian Train Simulator APK download is totally free for your Android mobile. Thus you can download this game on your Android phones and enjoy all the amazing features this game has to offer.

Realistic Graphics and Best Sound Effects

The most loved feature of this game is its realistic graphics and best sound effects. All the trains, the stations, the driver cabins, train tracks, and everything in the game are designed so perfectly that they are very close to the real ones. Playing this game you will feel as if you are driving a real train.

In addition, the sound effects of train horns and wheel movements are so perfect that they give a feeling of a real train station and a real train. Thus this game gives you the gaming experience and makes every moment of the game enjoyable.

Richly Detailed Driver Cabins, Trains, Stations, and More

All the tiny details of everything in the Indian Train Simulator APK are designed so well that they resemble the real ones. From driver’s cabins to train wheels and many more, everything looks so real in this game.

Different Railway System Functionalities Included

You will find all the small detailed functionalities of a real railway system in this train-driving simulator game as well. This game includes the train track changing, world-class signaling systems, coupling and decoupling, double heading, intelligent AI trains, and many more.

Indian Train Simulator has Interesting and Challenging Game Levels

To give you more excitement and to test your gaming skills this game offers more than 20 challenging levels to complete. Every level has its own uniqueness and challenges to overcome. Thus, at every level of this game, you will face a new challenge which makes this game more thrilling and exciting for you. By clearing each level you will also get rewards in the game.

Availability of Different Stations and Express Lines

In this game, you will find more the 32 available stations and more than 18 different express lines to use. Thus you have a wide variety of trains and stations to choose from in this game and get an ultimate gaming experience.

Dynamic Time and Weather Conditions

This game also includes dynamic timing and weather conditions in the game. Thus, the time feature bounds you to drive the trains and arrive at the desired location or station at a specific time frame. This makes the game more challenging and interesting for you. In addition, the weather condition also gives you a challenge, thus you have to overcome both challenges to complete your task.

Indian Train Driving Game

Use Simple Controls to Play Indian Train Simulator

This game has a lot of features and functionalities but all these functionalities can be controlled by very simple controls. Thus, you do not have to worry about controlling the game, because the simple control of the game makes it easy for you.

Different Game Modes

This game offers you various modes to play the game. The Quick Mode allows you to design a scenario as you like. You can select the engine, coach, sources, destination, and more. In the Instant Mode, you can begin a simulation instantly with random preferences. You will also find a Career Mode in the game, where a player can choose a career in the railways and perform specific duties.


Indian Train Simulator Gameplay

This game is the highly anticipated train simulation game for Android mobile. This game includes a self-sufficient railway environment in the game. Where all the trains coexist and operate just like in real situations. The game has dynamic track-changing and path-selection systems, which enable AI trains in the game to run smartly and not step in each other way.  The players in the game will rely on signaling and track-changing systems. Thus they can stop their trains at any available platform at each station among various sets of possibilities.


How to Download Indian Train Simulator?

If you want to have an amazing game experience and drive a variety of trains on different railways then we have made Indian Train Simulator download easy for you. You can now easily download the Indian Train Simulator APK for your Android mobile for free. To go for Indian Train Simulator APK download follow the following simple steps.

  • Click the above DOWNLOAD NOW button to start the Indian Train Simulator Download.
  • Wait for the download to complete.
  • Do not interrupt the downloading process.
  • Give access and allow permissions that may be needed during download.
  • Once the Indian Trains Simulator APK download is complete, now proceed to installation.


How to Install Indian Train Simulator?

To install this train driving simulator game you will need to download the XAPK / APK file first. If you have downloaded the XAPK / APK file on your Android mobile then follow the following simple steps to start the installation.

  • Go to Me > App Management > APK / XAPK Management to view the XAPK / APK file.
  • Tap the INSTALL button to install the XAPK / APK file you want.
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” setting on your Android device if needed.
  • once the installation is complete, enjoy the game.


More Features

Latest Version2023.4.9
Required AndroidAndroid 6.0+
CategoryFree Simulator Game
developed byHighbrow Interactive



In a nutshell, we can say that the Indian Train Simulator is like a gift for the train-driving simulator game lover. This game comes with a number of amazing features which you are going to love. These features are not only limited to the game’s best graphics but you will also find the best sound effects, a variety of trains, different stations, track changing and signaling systems, AI trains, an Indian outfit for the passengers, and many more features that will give you an unforgettable game experience to you.

Thus, Download the Indian Train Simulator right now and enjoy all these amazing features. Also, get an adventurous and challenging game experience totally free.



Is  Indian Train Simulator Free?

Yes, you can download this game for free from our website now.

How to download Indian Train Simulator?

You can download it using the Download Now button above.


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