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Introduction To High Sea Saga

High Sea Saga – A fascinating travel of a notorious pirate crew around the world.

We are all fascinated by the travels of pirates and their travels around the world. Pirates always travel along the sea in search of many mysterious lands and precious hidden treasures. These pirates travel with their crew in their ships across the sea.

The voyage of these pirate crews is not always easy. While their travel and explore the world for hidden treasure, they encounter a number of monsters across the sea. Apart from that they have to battle their enemies as well to protect the crew and their ships from them.

To bring this pirate crew experience to you we are introducing the High Sea Saga Android Game. This game will give the best pirate crew experience to you and allow you to be the leader of the pirate crew.

This is an amazing and fantastic game for you to travel and explore the hidden mysterious islands and search for a hidden treasure. Thus wait no more to download High Sea Saga free on your Android Phones and enjoy this amazing and unique game experience.

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What Is The High Sea Saga?

High Sea Saga is an Android game developed by Kairosoft and can be downloaded for free. In this game, you will experience being a pirate. Travel the sea with your best crews and explore the hidden islands, hunt and battle monsters, gather eggs, win and collect different bounties and battle your enemies as well.

In this game, you will find a diverse cultural touch because of the exploration and travel across the world. The main mission of the pirate in this game is to search for different kinds of treasures across the world. Therefore the pirates came across different cultures during the gameplay.

Apart from the travel and exploring the world for hidden treasure, you must be prepared to battle the monsters along the way and monster hunt campaigns. There are a number of monsters waiting for you on the way during your voyage. You should battle these monsters to protect your crew. Apart from that you have a lot of monster hunt campaigns with different prizes, thus by battling monsters you not only save your crew but can also get a lot of prizes as well.

Pirate Voyage


In High Sea Saga if you know the location of the monsters, it will help you a lot to battle and defeat them and get a lot of prizes and rewards. We will discuss the list of locations of monsters below. Keep reading this article to get the best information about this game and play the game as a pro.

In High Sea Saga, you will assume the role of a daring captain leading their pirate crew to navigate treacherous waters and discover uncharted territories. Your goal is to build and upgrade your ship, explore distant and hidden islands, engage in fierce battles with enemies and monsters, and get infinite and unlimited treasure and rewards.

We will discuss some of the best features of the High Sea Saga Android APK game below.


Features Of  The High Sea Saga

You will find a lot of amazing features in this game which will make you love this can and enjoy endless voyages across the world. We will discuss some of the best features here. Read through these features to get inside this game and play it like a pro.


Choose Your Country And Quest

This game gives you an option between different countries to choose from. Thus you can choose any country for which you are going to play. Apart from that you also have the option to choose your own quest, thus you can choose the mission you want to play.

Thus you have got a variety of countries to play for and a dynamic quest and voyages to play in this game, which you are going to love and enjoy.


Travel Anywhere In The World In High Sea Saga

High Sea Saga game gives you the adventure to go to different countries in the game and explore many islands of the world. You can go to different islands and countries to battle with other pirates, do bounty hunting, and complete the king’s task to you. Thus you have a lot of adventure in this game.


Build Your Own Crew

At the start of the game, you have the option to recruit members for your crew. You can select crewmembers from a variety of options available. Apart from that, during the game you can also include crewmates as well, to perform with full strength and power in the game.

Thus to complete the task and to defeat the enemies you must have a strong crew. That’s why you should recruit the best pirates to your crew. You can choose from traders, seadogs, joiners, etc., according to your requirement.


Select Your Weapons

To win every task and defeat the enemy, with the best pirate crew you must have the best weapons as well. Thus in this game, you have the option to select the best weapons for your crewmates as well. Apart from that with each reward from winning you can also upgrade your weapons and get new updated and more powerful ones as well.


Build Your Own Combat Team

Apart from the pirate crewmembers, you also need a combat team to fight for you against the enemy.  To complete the quest and fought with the other pirates you will have to create a combat team of your own. For that, you can recruit crewmembers and assign them to a combat team.

With each completed quest and mission you can keep getting rewards and thus can use these rewards and prizes to recruit more and more crewmembers and combaters to your team. A powerful and strong combat team can win all the missions and combats and can also help you to complete your every quest as well.


Engaging In Epic Battles

In this game, you will be going on different quests and facing many monsters and enemies on your way. You have fought battles with enemies and monsters to save your crew. Most of the time there are other pirates trying to loot your country’s treasure thus you have to fight them to defend your area.

High Sea Saga Battle


Apart from that you will get specific missions from the king, and you will have to complete these missions to get rewards and prizes. Thus prepare yourself with the best battle crew to win each fight.


Evolving Your Ship

Win a mission to get unlimited rewards. You can use these rewards to upgrade your ship to perform more efficiently during the quest. You can upgrade your ship’s performance and functionality.


Get Rewards And Prizes

With each battle fought and win and with each mission completed you will be getting a lot of rewards and prizes. You will be needing money to upgrade your crewmembers, weapons, and ships performance. Thus to do that you will have to defeat the monster, battle with your enemies, and complete the king’s task to get more and more rewards.

Thus complete more and more tasks and win battles to get more and more rewards so that you can repair and upgrade your ship and crew.


Graphical Marvel And Soundscapes

The graphics and sound of the game are very simple but very adorable and fascinating. This game comes with simple controls and commendation and guidance in every step. Having a simple interface and soft sound will give you the best game experience.


Dismissing Crew Members

You can get rid of any crew members by hitting the “Dismiss” button. Which will be found in the Combat Party menu. Keep in mind that it may be useful to have some crew members onboard for working on the ship, so only dismiss crewmembers once you’ve reached your limit, and have a replacement in your mind.


Aura Feature In High Sea Saga

The amazing aura feature is a yellow and red effect that surrounds your character. It will make your character stronger for the duration of it.

Explore Hidden Islands


How To Download High Sea Saga

With the amazing gameplay and feature, anyone cannot resist getting the High Sea Saga Android game on the device. We have made High Sea Saga free download easy for you and you can start the High Sea Saga APK download in one click. To get the latest version of this pirate adventure game follow the following simple step.

  • Click the DOWNLOAD NOW button to start the download of the APK file of this game.
  • Wait for the download o complete and do not interrupt in between.
  • You should have a stable internet connection to download the High Sea Saga complete APK file.
  • Once the APK is downloaded, you can now proceed to its installation.


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How To Install High Sea Saga

Install the High Sea Saga APK game now to have unlimited fun and enjoyment. With this game, you will explore and experience pirate life. In addition, get unlimited medals, fight monsters, get 5-star eggs, build your own crew, build your own combat team, win different rewards, prizes, and items, combat with other pirates along the way, complete king’s tasks, and get rewarded and more adventure is waiting for you.

Thus install this Pirate Adventure Game right away and experience and enjoy all these activities. To install this App follow the following simple steps.

  • Once High Sea Saga Download is complete, now click the APK file to start the installation process.
  • The installation of the High Sea Saga APK will take very little time.
  • Wait for the installation to complete and do not interrupt in-between.
  • Allow any permission needed by the APK while installation.
  • Agree to any agreements that may appear during installation.
  • Once the installation of the High Sea Saga APK Game completes, click on the App icon to start playing the game.


More Features

Latest Version2.4.2
Required AndroidAndroid 5.1+
CategoryFree Simulation Game



From all the above discussion we can say that High Sea Saga is a complete package of all the amazing features and excitement which you cannot miss. It offers you not only fighting scenes but also an amazing pirate experience. Build your own pirate crew, build your own combat team, build and modify your ships, earn unlimited rewards and prizes, fight with different monsters along the sea, fights battles with other pirates, and explore the world. In addition, all of these features are free to be enjoyed.

Thus if you want to have all these features at once and get the pirate voyage experience then wait no further and download High Sea Saga and get an amazing and fascinating game experience.



Can we play High Sea Saga on PC?

Yes, you can also play High Sea Saga on Pc as well. Get it for PC and enjoy playing the game.

How many jobs are there in High Sea Saga?

There are 49 known Jobs in the game. Each Job unlocks once a crew member meets all the requirements.

How do we level up fast in High Sea Saga?

You can level up fast by acquiring items, gold and repeatedly exploring new sea areas, and defeating your enemies.



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