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College Brawl – Be ready to play the most exciting, entertaining, and the best aggressive college fighting game on a virtual college campus.

As we all know college life is the best life with lots of memories and unforgettable moments. Everything we do in college is worth remembering. Whether it be friendships, fights, sports, teasing others, crushes, love stories, or other things. In college, we fight for our friends and defend them in any situation and also do a lot of stupid stuff as well.

We always want to experience that crazy college time once more and want to do all that stuff again. Thus if you are looking to refresh your college memories and once again want to fight for your friends in college, then play College Brawl. College Brawl APK game will give you a chance to experience all that crazy stuff of college on your mobile right now.

This game has a lot of exciting things stored for you and you can download College Brawl right now for free. Thus if you want to regain the crazy college experience again then keep reading about this amazing game.

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What is College Brawl?

College Brawl is an action-packed and aggressive mobile game that can be downloaded for free on Android mobile. This is a college fight where you have to fight a group of girls who have kept the college in their control and beat everyone up. To survive this challenging and college environment you will have to be aggressive too and display exceptional fighting skills. You will have to fight the girl gang who rules the college and protect yourself and your friends from them.

Apart from surviving this extreme college environment and fighting other students, you will also uncover some of the college secrets and untold stories in this game as well. You will come to know many naughty, exciting, and entertaining stories and mysteries of the college as well and get some entertainment as well apart from the fights. Thus this game allows you to re-experience the aggressive college fight and also have some naughty entertaining experiences as well.

Red Kat Girls Gang

In this game, you will find a variety of fighting skills. Each girl in the game has mystery fighting skills. Having unique and dangerous fighting and attacking skills makes it difficult to fight with these girls in the game. Thus you will have to be a master of your fighting moves and skills so that you can easily defeat this girl gang. In addition, you will also have to learn the moves of your enemies, learn their pattern of attack, and fight so that you can defend yourself easily. Thus to be a pro player in this college fighting game you will have to be a master of your fighting techniques as well as learn the pattern and style of other players to defend yourself easily.

You will get various scenarios and environments in the game. The college corridors, sports fields, streets, sideways and every other location in the college will become a battlefield for you. You can use anything you find to fight the girl’s gang and there is no restriction on using anything. Thus you have to be fearless and aggressive in the fights to defeat your enemy. Different scenarios and environments make this game very exciting and entertaining.

In addition, you will have to solve the mysteries of the college and the secret behind the girl gang’s aggressive behavior. To find these mysteries you will have to explore the college campus and find clues. Thus be ready to find all the secret clues and mysteries of the college and fight the girl’s gang on your way.

Thus be ready to experience the eventful, exciting, entertaining, and aggressive college fight and mysteries exploring the game on your Android mobile. The college Brawl gives you more than a fighting experience and allows you to re-experience college life. Thus do not miss the chance to regain your college experience, download college brawl right now for free and enjoy this eventful game.

This game has to offer you some of the best and most exciting game features as well, which we will discuss below. So keep reading to get all the inside about this game and its amazing features.


Main Features of College Brawl APK

College Brawl APK comes with a lot of amazing game features that will give you the best gaming experience. You can find all the information related to these game features below o keep reading to know about what exciting features and adventures await for you in this game.

Simple Cool and Attractive Graphics

The game College Brawl comes with simple yet cool and attractive graphics which makes the game attractive. The college building, the playgrounds, corridors, pathways, and college campus design are simple and coll. You will find no difficulty in navigating through these graphics. Thus playing this game with these simple graphics will make the game entertaining for you.

Cool and Attractive Characters

The characters and animated figures in the college brawl game are very cool and attractive, making the game very entertaining and exciting to play. The female characters in this fighting game look very cool and attractive and wear adult dress-ups. You will find these female characters very attractive and give you a chill entertaining gaming experience.

Variety of Game Arenas and Scenarios

This game comes with a variety of scenarios and arenas so that you can experience versatile gameplay. The girl’s gang can attack you in any place, be it the playground, college corridor, or sideways you have to be ready to fight all the time in the game.

College Brawl have Simple Controls 

The game provides very simple and easy-to-use controls so that you can easily control the players in the game. You will get the on-screen button to control your player and move around, jump, and fight. These controls are very responsive and easy to use.

Fight Girls Gang

Various Game Levels in College Brawl

College Brawl APK game comes with various game levels and adventures. Each game level has its difficulty level and challenges opponents to defeat. To clear any level you will have to fight the aggressive and dangerous gang of girls known as Red Kat. When you defeat the bosses of these gangs you will move to the next level and get rewarded. These bosses are very powerful so better be ready to fight.

Different Fighting Styles and Actions

Each character in the game has its fighting skills and style. This makes this game more interesting and challenging as well. Thus you will have to learn the fighting styles of your opponents to defeat them. Learn their style use it to your advantage and overpower your opponents.

Various Buttons with Various Functions

College Brawl APK game for Android mobile gives you various buttons on your mobile screen. These simple buttons can be used to do different actions and other stuff in the game. The healing button heals your character when she gets hurt, the punch button will be used to punch your opponent, the jump button to jump, and the H button to do some adult stuff with the defeated opponent girls. In addition, you will also get a KI Button, which will help you do some special moves in the game as well.

Different Points for Defeating Your Opponents

You will get different points for defeating your opponents at each level of the game and use these points to heal and get health points for your character. When your character Ken gets hurt during the fight the health points will decrease. Thus try to defeat your opponent and get more health points to keep your character Ken healthy.

Various College Mysteries to Unfold

There are many mysteries behind the Red Kat Gang of girls and many other hidden stuff going on the college campus in this game. Thus you have to unfold these mysteries on campus and find out why these girls are getting aggressive and doing these stuff. Thus it is going to be a very exciting and thrilling experience for you.

Various In-Game items to Collect and Resource Management

There are various in-game items in this game to collect which will increase your HP and KI points. Whenever you defeat your opponents in the fight, they will drop some items that you can collect and increase your H and KI points. Items like Apples, Sushi, and chickens can be found in the game. Thus keep in mind to get as many items as you can and use these resources to effectively get more health points and special moves.


Various characters in the Game

You will find different characters in this game. These characters have unique skills and abilities and have different roles in the game. We will discuss the famous characters of the game below. So keep reading to get all the information about these characters.


Your character is named Ken who is a handsome student in college. As Ken your job is to rescue your friends from the girl gang Red Kat and fight and defeat the opponent’s aggressive girl. Some of the girls from the Red Kat gang attacked Ken’s friends and stole their belongings. You have to fight those aggressive girls to take back their belongings. At the end of every level, you have to fight with the bosses of these girls as well.

College Campus Fighting


Anko is the little sister of Ken. In the game, some of the gang members also attack Anko so you have to defend and rescue Anko.


How to Download College Brawl and Install?

Are you looking to experience the exciting adventure of college life again? Get the adventures of college fun and hot stuff in college again and fight for your friends again. Then College Brawl is a must-try game for you. Download College Brawl to get all these experiences and adventures for free. We have provided the latest and updated version of the College Brawl game so that you can experience all the new features and latest updates in the game. The game College Brawl is very exciting and full of adventures and you are going to this game. Thus get the APK college brawl game right now and enjoy the college fighting experience once again.

To download College Brawl you will have to follow the following simple steps. Thus wait no further and download the game College Brawl and get the ultimate college fighting experience right now.

  • Click on the Download Now Button above to download the College Brawl APK file on your Android mobile for free.
  • Once the APK College Brawl game download is complete you can go for the installation process.
  • To install the game College Brawl you will have to find the downloaded APK file and click to install.
  • Once the installation is started, do not interrupt in between.
  • Give any system access and permissions that may be required by the game.
  • Wait for the installation to complete.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can pen the game and have fun.


Specifications and System Requirements

Latest Version1.4.1
Required AndroidAndroid 4.4+
CategoryFree Action Game
Developed ByLAGS
Verified App By Google Play



In a nutshell, we can say that this game is like a gift for those who are looking to play an exciting and entertaining game and re-experience their college life. This game gives you a chance to experience all the activities in college, fight for your friends, and enjoy other adult stuff in the game. Use different in-game items to boost your energy and health and fight with your friends.

Thus download the College Brawl APK game right now on your Android mobile and enjoy this exciting and entertaining game for free right now.



Can I play college brawl on PC?

Yes, you can also play this game on your PC for free.  You can download and play this game from this website for free.

How to download Brawl on a PC?

Yes, you can also download this game on your PC. To download this game on your PC check this website.

What type of game is a college brawl?

This is a casual fighting game, where you have to fight the Girl’s Gang known as the Red Kats on a virtual college campus and save your friends.

Is College Brawl a Virus?

No, this is a fighting game and you can download and play this game for free.


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How to install the APK?

  • Download the APK file using the download button
  • Tap the downloaded APK file
  • Click Install
  • Follow the steps on the screen