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Bebird App – Revolutionary, Innovative, and modern solution for ear cleaning, ear picking, and ear wax removal using this Android APK.

Nowadays innovation and technology have taken the world by storm. Technology has made our lives very easy and comfortable. We can find a smart gadget for everything which makes our life and our work easy for us. These smart gadgets have made our personal and professional lives very easy and helped us to live a better life.

Earpicking App

Personal life and personal care are always a priority of everyone around the world. Everyone likes to have a better gadget for personal care and a better application to run these gadgets. Bebird is also among these gadgets which makes your ear cleaning, ear picking, and ear wax removal easy for you. As we know this is a hectic job and you have to put extra care to not get hurt or get any damage.

Thus if you are looking for a better gadget like Bebird and a better application that you can run on your Android mobile and make your ear picking and cleaning easy then Bebird App is for you. We have discussed all about this free Android application in this article, so keep reading to get all the fresh and updated knowledge about this amazing App.


What is Bebird App?

Bebird App is a free Android APK developed by Heifeng Zhizao(Shenzhen)Technology Co, Ltd. Bebird APK file can be downloaded for free and installed on Android mobile to connect your ear-picking device with your mobile. This app will make ear picking or cleaning easy and comfortable for you.

Gone are the days when you worry about getting hurt or damaging your ear while ear picking or cleaning because this App has got your back. Now you can watch your device in action and carefully do the picking.

Bebird App for Android mobile is a safe and easy-to-use application. This app integrates your Android mobile with your ear-picking device and able you to watch your ear-picking. Thus making the ear picking and cleaning easy and safe for you. In addition, this application also provides a video recording option where you can record and save a video of the process and store it on your mobile.

This application connects your Bebird ear-picking or ear cleaner device with your mobile or tablet device. This Android APK also supports a wide variety of Android mobile and other devices as well, making it the best Bebird connection application for you.

Bebird APK

Thus if you want to experience safer and easier ear picking or ear cleaning then you should go for Bebird App download on your Android mobile and make your ear cleaning safer with this APK.

This App offers some of the best features for you which we have discussed below. So if you are interested in having a better ear cleaning experience and making your ear picking safer then keep reading to get all the information and must-know knowledge about his amazing Android app.


Main Features of  Bebird App

Bebird APK for Android has some amazing features for you. These interesting features in this App make it a better choice and also help you to get an amazing and safer ear-picking experience. We have discussed all the details about these features below. So keep reading to get all the information about these features.

Bebird App Free Download

This App offers you a free downloadable APK file which you can download and use on your Android mobiles right now. Thus download this App for free and experience safer and easier ear picking.

Supports a Wide Range of Bebird Devices

You can use this Application with a wide range of Bebird ear cleaner devices like Bebird Note 3 Pro (Bebird N3 Pro), Bebird R3, Bebird C3, X17 Pro, Bebird A2 SE, Bebird C3 Pro, B2 Pro, K10 and Ri. Thus if you have any device of Bebird you can easily integrate this app with the device and your Android mobile.

Bebird App is Easy to Use

This Application provides a user-friendly interface which makes it very easy to use. The simple interface is very easy to use thus you can have no problem with this app. You can easily integrate this app with your mobile phone as well.

Easily Integrate your Mobile and your Ear Picking Device

This App helps you to integrate your mobile and the ear-picking device. The integration is very easy and you will face no difficulty.

Need an Internet Connection

An internet connection is needed to connect the ear-picking device. Thus you should have a stable internet connection to connect the device with your mobile and use this App to monitor or watch your ear cleaning.

Capturing Photo Function

This App enables you to capture photos while ear-picking or cleaning as well. Thus you can capture photos and save them on your mobile for later use as well.

Video Recording and Saving Function

In addition to capturing photos, you can also record videos using this App during ear-picking. Thus if you want to record any video during ear picking then you can easily do so using this App.

Safe and Secure

This Android APK is safe and secure to use. Thus you do not have to worry about your data privacy while using this App.

Image Enlargement Option During Preview

The Image enlargement option of this App enables you to enlarge the photos which will help you in previewing them in detail.

Video Playback Options

This App offers you video playback options as well. This option will enable you to play the recording again in playback mode.


How Bebird APK Work?

Bebird App works in a very easy and simple way. First, you should have an internet connection to connect the App to the otoscope device. When your mobile connects with the otoscope device then the picture of the lens of the device is displayed on the mobile. This real-time photo or video will help users remove the earwax easily and safely. In addition, you can also save the photo or record video for further use.

Here are the simple steps that will help you in using this application easily and effectively.

  • Download the Application using the above download button.
  • Tap the Application icon to open it.
  • Select your device from a wide variety of devices available.
  • Open the cover of your device and go to the networks (Wi-fi) option on your phone.
  • Select your device and connect.
  • Open your Application again and tap the Start button.
  • You will get a variety of options on the screen, select any option you want.


How to Download and Install Bebird APK for Android?

Bebird App is an amazing Android Application and it is available for free download. Thus download the Bebird App on your Android mobile to make ear-picking, ear cleaning, and earwax removal easy, safe, and fast. To download this Android free APK on your mobile follow the following simple steps and make your ear-picking safe and easy right now.

  • Click on the Download Now button to start the Bebird App download on your Android mobile for free.
  • Wait for the download to complete and do not interrupt in-between.
  • Once the App download is complete you can proceed with the installation steps.
  • To install this App click on the downloaded APK file.
  • Wait for the installation to complete and do not interrupt in-between.
  • Give access and permission that may be required by the App during the installation process.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can open the Application connect it to your Bebird device, and use it.

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Specifications and System Requirements

Latest Version6.1.52
Required AndroidAndroid 6.0+
CategoryFree APP
Size153 MB
Developed ByHeifeng Zhizao(Shenzhen)Technology Co.,Ltd.



In conclusion, we can say that Bebird App is one of the best Apps that you can choose to make your ear-picking and ear-cleaning easy and safe. This App is easy to use and comes with a simple and user-friendly interface. In addition, it is compatible with a wide variety of Bebird devices. Thus you can easily integrate this App with your device and make your life easy right now.



How do I connect my bebird to my phone?

Download and install the Bebird APK on your Android mobile and open the Application to select your device from a variety of devices shown. Go to network (Wi-Fi) settings on your mobile and connect with your device and your mobile will be connected to your device.

How do you use the bebird ear wax removal?

To use this App you will need an internet connection. Connect your App with the device and get the real-time image of the ear-picking process.

What is bebird app?

Bebird App is a free Android APK that will connect your mobile and the ear-picking device. Enables you to watch the ear-picking real-time image. Making ear-picking, ear-cleaning, and earwax removal easy and safe for you.

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How to install the APK?

  • Download the APK file using the download button
  • Tap the downloaded APK file
  • Click Install
  • Follow the steps on the screen