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Vietnam Bus Simulator – The Best Realistic Bus Driving Simulation Game across the Roads, cities, and Villages of Vietnam.

In the world of simulator games Bus simulator games are among the top simulator games. Bus Simulator games are loved and played around the world by many people due to the thrill and exciting gameplay they offer. In addition, the realistic graphics and quality of sound effects in the game also are among the most loved features.

Thus if you love to play simulator games and Bus Simulator driving games then you must know about Vietnam Bus Simulator, Bus Simulator Indonesia, and Mobile Bus Simulator. These are the best Bus Simulator games that you will play. This game offers amazing graphics, the best sound effects, the best bus physics, and many more game features that will grab your attention. You are going to love these games.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss Bus Simulator Vietnam, the best realistic Bus Driving Simulator game that will give you the best game experience of all time. So keep reading to get all the information and knowledge about this game, know about Bus Simulator Vietnam APK, APK+OBB download, and many more.


What is Vietnam Bus Simulator?

Vietnam Bus Simulator is an amazing and exciting bus simulator APK game developed by IDBS International. This is a very popular game across Vietnam country, which is a beautiful and culturally rich country located in the southeastern part of Asia. In this game, you will be driving your bus through a lot of cities such as Hanoi, Hai Phong, Vinh, Hue, Da Nand, Qui Nhom, Ho Chi Minh, and Nha Trang.

Vietnam Bus Simulator Game is a bus driving game that enables you to experience realistic bus driving across some of the most beautiful cities of Vietnam. The maps in the game depict real Vietnamese bus routes, their roads, and cities. All the surrounding environments in the game are designed very similarly to the real Vietnam environment.

Realistic Bus Driving

In this game, you will be given a variety of buses to choose from. You will be able to drive your favorite bus in this game. The buses have a very realistic physics and also include various modern features. Thus in this game, you will be able to drive your favorite and most modern buses. Drive the bus across different roads pick up passengers and drop them at their respective destinations.

In addition, this game has to offer stunning graphics which gives a sense of realism to the game. The game interface, environment, cities, roads, buses, and people look realistic in the game. Thus while playing this game you will feel as if you are driving a real bus around the cities and roads of Vietnam.

Vietnam Bus Simulator APK gives you the best gameplay and game experience. The challenging task and difficult game level will test your driving skills. The game comes with different challenges like weather conditions, different types of road conditions, time limitations, and other challenges to make the game more challenging for you. Thus if you are looking for a game to test your driving skills and drive your favorite bus through challenging roads and different conditions, then this is the game you are looking for.

Get the Vietnam Bus Simulator APK on your Android mobile now and enjoy the best gameplay. If you are interested in Car Simulator games then you can check Car Simulator Vietnam as well.

Read further to know all about the best game features this game has to offer to you.


Main Features of Vietnam Bus Simulator

You will find some of the game features in this Bus Simulator game that will give you the best gaming experience of all time. Talking about game graphics, a diverse collection of Buses, a variety of Maps, unlimited money, and rewards, you are going to enjoy everything in this game.

We will discuss these amazing and unique game features in detail below. So keep reading to get all the insides and information about these amazing features.

Sunning 3D Realistic Graphics

This bus-driving simulator game offers you the best game graphics. Stunning 3D realistic graphics make this game stand out from other bus-driving games. The cities, Highways, roads, streets, and surroundings in the game reflect the real Vietnam environment.

In addition, the buses and other vehicles in the game are designed so detailed that these resembles the real ones. The interior and exterior of the buses include all the details like the tires, windows, door, steering wheel, breaks, headlights, and other details that look very real. Thus be ready to experience these amazing graphics and have the best gaming experience.

High-Quality Sound Effects

This game comes with the best and most high-quality sound effects. All the vehicle sounds like the starting of the engine, brake sounds, acceleration of vehicles and more give a feel of realism to the game.

Variety of Buses to Choose From

The game offers you a diverse collection of buses to select from. These buses have all the advanced and modern features included. Thus you can select your favorite bus from a variety of buses offered in the game and drive it through the best landscape and bus routes in Vietnam. Thus unlike other conventional bus driving games, in this game, you can drive a variety of modern and advanced buses.

Customize and Upgrade Your Bus

Bus Driving Game Vietnam offers you the opportunity to customize your bus as you like. Thus you can design your bus in the game to make it look like your dream bus. In addition, you can also upgrade your bus in the game. Upgrade the features of the bus and make it more powerful so that you can win all the tasks.

Win Unlimited Money in Vietnam Bus Simulator

APK Bus Simulator Vietnam offers you a chance to win unlimited money and rewards in the game. Whenever you win a task or challenge, you get a winning reward and by winning all the challenges and tasks in the game you can get unlimited money in the game. Thus try to win as many challenges as you can to get unlimited money in the game.

Variety of Game Maps

This Bus Driving Simulator Game gives you a chance to explore a variety of in-game maps. Thus you have a variety of maps to choose from and drive your bus through these diverse and unique maps. These in-game maps reflect the real bus routes, cities, highways, and streets of Vietnam.

Realistic Game Environment

Various Camera Angeles for Driver

You can drive the bus in this game like a pro using the various camera angles this game has to offer you. The interior bus view, front view, and side view of the bus will help you to drive your bus safely and avoid accidents.  Thus use these camera angles effectively and drive like a pro.

Different Weather Conditions and Difficulty Levels

Various difficulty levels of the game make it favorable for all players. Whether you are a pro player or new to the game, you can set the difficult level for yourself. Change the weather conditions and other factors to make the game easy or challenging for yourself. Thus you will get different weather conditions, different road conditions, environments, and more to drive in and get a thrilling experience.

Play Vietnam Bus Simulator with Simple Controls

You can easily play the Bus Simulator APK game with very simple and responsive game controls. The game offers very simple controls. You will be getting an on-screen steering wheel, brake and accelerator, fuel and speed indicators, P, R, N, and D indicators, camera angle options, and other options on the screen. Thus you can use these simple indicators and controls to drive your bus effectively.

Ads Free Driving

This game gives an ADS-free driving experience. Thus you can drive your bus without worrying about unwanted ADS. To experience ADS free driving you should go for Bus Simulator Vietnam download right now.

Backup Your Game Process and Resume the Game Online

In this game, all your progress in the game is backed up. So you can resume it and continue further at any time. Thus no need to worry about losing your progress if you go offline and resume your play anytime to continue again.

Drive to Various Destinations

The main object of your bus driving is to pick up the passengers from the point and drop them at different destinations. Thus you have to drive your bus to various destinations in the game and drop the passengers there.

Download and Play for Free

Bus Simulator Vietnam APK download is easy for Android mobiles. You can now download Bus Simulator Vietnam on your Android mobile and have the best bus driving experience right now.


How to Play Vietnam Bus Simulator?

When talking about the gameplay of this game, it is very simple. You first have to choose your favorite bus among a variety of buses available. After that, you have to choose a game map where you want to play the game. In addition, you can also choose the game’s difficulty level as per your expertise as well.

Once you have chosen all the necessary options, you have to drive the bus across different cities, bus routes, and different locations to pick up passengers from the bus stands. You will have to follow all traffic rules and drive the passengers to their desired destination and drop them there.

Drive Through Vietnam roads

When you follow all the traffic rules, pick up passengers from the station and drop them to their respective destinations safely, and complete all the tasks then you will be rewarded with money and rewards in the game, therefore, follow all the traffic rules and drop passengers safely to get unlimited money in the game, which you can then use to upgrade and customize your bus.


How to Download and Install Vietnam Bus Simulator?

Bus Simulator Vietnam is made very easy for you now. You can now download the Vietnam Bus Simulator on your Android. To enjoy the thrill of bus driving and to download Bus Simulator Vietnam follow the following simple steps.

  • To start Vietnam Bus Simulator APK download on your Android Mobile click on the Download Now button above.
  • Allow any permissions that may be required to download the APK file.
  • Wait for the APK download to complete.
  • Once the APK download is complete, you can now proceed to the installation step.
  • Click the downloaded APK file to start the installation.
  • Once the installation starts, do not interrupt in-between.
  • Give any permission that may be required for the installation and agree to any agreements by the game.
  • Wait for the installation to complete.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can open the game and enjoy the thrill of bus driving.


Specification of Vietnam Bus Simulator APK

Latest Version3.0
Required AndroidAndroid 4.4+
Size83.5 MB
CategoryFree Simulation Game
Developed ByIDBS International
Verified ByGoogle Playstore



In final remarks, we can say that Vietnam Bus Simulator is one of the best bus-driving simulator APK games. It has stunning graphics, high-quality sound effects, different game maps, a diverse collection of vehicles, different challenging tasks to complete, different weather conditions to drive in, and many more features that make this game a thrilling and awesome game. In addition, you can also earn unlimited winning prizes and unlimited money in the game by completing all tasks. Thu if you want to experience the thrill of driving a bus and experience the drive in a Vietnamese environment then you should download this game and have a great gaming experience.



Is the Vietnam bus simulator free?

Yes, the Vietnam Bus Driving Simulator game is free and you can download it right now.


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How to install the APK?

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