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Introduction to Age of Apes APK

Age of Apes APK is a game for Android mobiles and takes place in a world where human civilization has ended and the apes which are as intelligent as humans have taken control. The apes have managed to take control and establish their societies. These Apes are facing a problem and are at war with the mutants, other apes who have become rabid, and hostile beasts and are threats to the new ape societies.

More information about the Age of Apes Game

Operating SystemAndroid
CategoryStrategy Games

You can find the latest version of Age of Apes APK here for download. It was developed by tap4fun. You can download its latest APK and enjoy the amazing game on your Android phone.

This is a strategy game where you have to manage everything and plan every step. Manage your outpost Apes, improving its facilities, and training your most brave ape worriers to do your bidding. Building an army of the most loyal Apes so that they can fight for you. Fight and conquer your neighbor and dominate your rival to become the most powerful Apes on this planet.


If you think that you’re the Ape who can build a strong empire in the Apes’ world, then go with the Age of Apes APK. Download it on your Android and enjoy the ultimate fun and adventure.

You need to build your buildings, manage the resources intelligently, and create small armies to defend your settlement from the enemy’s attacks. Age of Apes has similar mechanics to those in Clash of Kings or Final Fantasy XV. Building a new empire, keeping your city as a central area. To prevent other game players from taking advantage and control of your resources, you will have to expand your settlement as quickly as possible. You can achieve this by building all kinds of buildings for resource management and optimization and building military areas for the training of your army.

So, join this adventure of Age of Apes and defeat mutants, fight other hostile apes, and travel the galaxy in search of countless riches and bananas. Install right now and enjoy the great adventure of the Age of Apes.

Age of Apes APK Game Guidelines

Here we have listed some of the most important guidelines for you to become the most powerful apes in the world and win the war against the mutants and other hostile Apes.

  1. Build your city (base)
  2. Monkey troops
  3. Grow your ape army
  4. Recruit fighters for your army
  5. Clear mutant lairs
  6. Battling the mutant apes

Building Your City

To fight and defeat the mutants, you first have to establish a city of your own or a strong base where will be training and managing your monkey army and making them ready for the fight.

Building your own city in Age of Apes

To build a city or a strong base, you can build various structures which will be helpful in the fight. You can build multiple military camps, where you train the monkey army. Built a medical station for the treatment of wounded troops. There are other buildings as well that will add new capabilities. The intel station building will help in scouting distant places and see which resources can be gathered there. You can upgrade all the buildings to increase their capacity and productivity by spending the food and iron resources you have.

You can fully customize your city by moving the buildings anywhere you like. Purchase different decorative things like grass patches, and make stone roads to beautify your city. Do not waste all your money on decoration as you have to spend money on the defense walls and sentry towers for the protection of your city as well.

Grow Your Ape Army

A large number of apes turned into mutants, so to defeat the mutants you need a large army. You can divide apes into various types of troops, each having its unique abilities and ways of attacking. Here is the list of Age of Apes’ best fighters.

  1. Pilots: These troops have a special driving skill, which helps in attacking the enemy at high speed. These troops are trained in the pilots’ camp.
  2. Hitters: these troops are specifically trained in the special Hitters’ camp to attack the enemy in close-quarters combat and are very good at smashing their enemies.
  3. Shooters: these troops attack the enemy from a distance and destroy them.
  4. Wall breakers: these big cannon-loaded trucks and troops can break and destroy the enemy sentry towers and defense walls. They are the trainers of the wall breakers’ camp.

These best fighters and trained apes wait in the parade ground for the deployment into a mission. You can also upgrade The parade ground to carry a maximum number of troops. As you move forward in the game you will need more and more troops to defeat the strong mutants.

You have the option to upgrade your ape troops through the research lab. apart from that you can upgrade the damaged troops and you can make the pack even stronger the before to destroy the mutant army.

Recruit the Best Fighters for Your Army of Apes

The Age of Apes fighters can make a huge difference to your regular ape army. The best fighters can serve as mighty leaders in your normal army as they have special skills and unique talents. Each one of the fighters is specialized in leading a specific troop. If one age of the apes’ fighter is good at leading the pilots, another specializes in leading hitters, and so on.

Age of Apes Apk

The fighters have a passive boost which affects the troops to fight better. This boost is done through the talent tree of the fighter. You can upgrade each branch of the fighters’ tree, which will also upgrade their soldiers of themselves.

Clear Mutant Lairs

Clearing the mutant lairs is one of the interesting features of the Age of Apes Game. To take over all the houses, you start the attack with one blue house by drawing a one-way path to them by arranging your troops. If a certain number of troops enter the house the house is conquered. The enemies will fight back and the only way to win is to outnumber them. To do that you have to be very quick in drawing the paths to conquer the mutant liars. You can call your fighters to deal with huge damages to certain houses.

On your way forward you will find many obstacles in your path, you cannot rely on a curved path you have to find a straight path to the lairs. Moving forward in the game you will unlock many abilities like specific fighter monkeys, which will provide sport to the troops. The fighters’ skills and stats can be upgraded individually.

Battling the Mutants

In battling the mutant the trained troops come in.

Before starting to battle the mutant you have to select the number of each troop that you are going to deploy in the field. After finalizing the number your troops will march toward the mutants. You have to watch as the fight starts and hope that your troops defeat the mutants. A special meter that will activate the skills of the special Age of Apes fighter. This meter is filled up with each attack of your troop. The best allocation and number of troops is the key to defeating the mutant army in the game Age of Apes.

Building your own city

Before fighting the mutants or other players’ troops, it is very important to know each troop’s strengths and weaknesses.

Here we have listed down the strengths and weaknesses of different troops, which will help you understand your enemy and plan accordingly.

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Types of Troops in Age of Apes

Monkey Troop TypesDominates Weak Against
Pilots ShootersHitters
Wall BreakersSentry TowersHitters, Pilots, Shooters


The bes ape fighters of the game

Despite their type, all the troops of Apes have the same stats which determine their general strength.

Power – power indicates the “level” of the troop.

Attack – indicates the amount of damage given to the troops of enemies.

Defense – shows the amount of damage resisted by the troops.

Health – shows the amount of damage the troops can take before they are wounded.

Marching Speed – shows the speed at which the troops march towards mutants.

Load – indicates the amount of space that they occupy when they are transferred to the parade ground.

The Age of Apes also provides you with the opportunity to meet and mingle with other players around the world. Thus, You can use the awesome chat tool to socialize and have fun. You can hang out and chat, and send emoji. Apart from that share screenshots, and you also get unique stickers to express yourself.

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